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Notes, Notes, Notes

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The Journal of Consumer Affairs 

  • Newest Issue: The Journal of Consumer Affairs (JOCA), Fall 2016, Volume 50, Number 3
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Jobs and Calls

  • The Ohio State University, Department Chair, Human Sciences position
  • University of Kentucky, College of Agricutlure, tenure-track Assistant Professor position
  • Californial State University Northridge, tenure-track Assistant Professor position
  • California State University Northridge, Assistant/Associate Professor position
  • K-State School of Family Studies & Human Services, tenure-track, Assistant/Associate Professor position
  • California State University, Long Beach, tenure-track, Assistant Professor of Consumer Affairs position
  • South Dakota State University, Assistant Professor, Consumer Affairs position
  • University of Missouri, tenure-track, Assistant Professor, Personal Finacial Planning position
  • University of Alabama, tenure-track, Assistant Professor, Consumer Sciences position
  • University of Alabama, Department Head, Consumer Sciences position
  • University of Alabama, HES Endowed Research Chair position
  • Whitworth University, tenure-track, Assistant Professor of Marketing position
  • Iowa State University, Human Sciences position