Consumer Interests Annual - Volume 31

Edited by Karen P. Schnittgrund, University of California, Cooperative Extension


General Session

  • Colston Warne Lecture: What Is in the Consumer's Interest? - Morgan

Symposium: Home Equity Conversion and Consumers

  • Home Equity Alternatives for Consumers - Meeks
  • Recent Evidence on the Elderly's Use of Home Equity Lending - Sullivan, Jensen
  • Perspectives of Institutions on Home Equity Lending - Bengston (Unavailable)

Aspects of Employment Affecting Consumer Welfare

  • Factors Affecting the Probability of Accepting a Retirement Incentive: Evidence to Support Retirement Planning Education - Hogarth
  • Home Based Work = Home Economics - Norum, Weagley
  • Wife's Labor Force Participation and Family Housing Expenditure - Foster

Advertising and the Consumer

  • Advertising and Ideological Content in Free Consumer Curriculum Materials - Rudd, Buttolph
  • Family Income Levels and the Influence of Television Commercials Upon Children's Purchasing Behavior - Marlowe, Bahn, Moody
  • Are We Creating a 'Brand' New Language - Friedman

A New Agenda for Consumer Education: A Panel Discussion

  • Consumer Education: The Business Sector's Contribution - Haney
  • A New Agenda for Consumer Education: A Challenge to ACCI - Zelenak


  • Environmental Protection: Bringing Environmentalists and Corporations Together - Harty

Concurrent Sessions

Simultaneous Equations

  • Simultaneous Equations: A Primer - Gerner
  • Measurement Error, Instrumental Variables, and Simultaneous Equations - Stafford
  • Sample Selection Bias: Correcting for Variables that Aren't There - Zick

Applications of Theory in Consumer Research

  • Using a Characteristics and New Commodities Approach to Explain IRA Selection - Simon
  • From Perfectionism to Fadism: Measuring Consumers' Decision-Making Styles - Sproles
  • Orientations Toward Consumerism: A Politically Based Theory and Empirical Test - Kroll, Stampfl

Roundtable Discussions

  • Consumer Reporting: Problems of Conveying Consumer Information through the Mass Media - Hayes, AlYasiri
  • Impact of Home Computers on Family Life - Bird
  • A National Sample of Consumer Education Curriculum Materials - Clark, Reagan
  • The Financial Services Evolution: Implications for Consumers - Guadagno (Unavailable)
  • Computers and Consumer Education - Vosburgh
  • The Treatment of the Concept of Consumers and Consumerism in the Bishops' Pastoral Letter - McEwen, Lee, Bivens

 General Session

  • Media and the Consumer: Past, Present, and Future - Pollock
  • The Most Important--and Neglected--Consumer Choices - Duncan

Concurrent Sessions

The Changing Financial Market

Consumer Policy Issues

  • A Case Study of Society's Response to Catastrophic Illness: The End-Stage Renal Disease Program - Garner
  • The Economic Effects of Demand Management Alternatives on Residential Municipal Water Demand - Peck, Larson, Willett
  • Alcoholic Beverage Industry: Hindsight, Oversight, and Insight - Bernacchi

Poster Sessions


  • The Great Southwestern Bell Caper - Barger

Concurrent Sessions

  • So You've Been Asked to Testify: What to Expect and How to Prepare - Edwards

Consumer Credit

Educating Consumer Affairs Professionals

  • An Employment Opportunity Survey: Results and Applications - Douthitt
  • Course Requirements, Job Responsibilities, and Compensation for Financial Counselors: The Industry View - Langrehr, Langrehr
  • Consumer Credit Counseling: Current Practices and Career Opportunities - Bailey, Michael, Sensbach (Unavailable)

Consumer Protection Issues

  • An Empirical Analysis of the Effectiveness of the Magnuson-Moss Act - Ursic 
  • Bose Corporation v. Consumers Union of the United States: Product Critiques and the First Amendment - Brannigan, Ensor
  • Motorcycle Helmet Laws: A Case Study of Consumer Protection - Dardis, Hersh

Concurrent Sessions

  • The Consumer in a Developing Society - Balakrishnan
  • Consumerism in Southeast Asia: The Case of South Korea - Kim
  • Opportunities Which Matter: From Appropriate Technology to Appropriate Research - Kerton

Financial Management

  • The Impact of High-Housing Expenditures on Other Consumer Expenditures - Hanna
  • Emergency Fund Levels of Households - Johnson, Widdows
  • Participation in Mortgage Programs - Meeks, Hession

Consumer Education Issues

  • Financial Management Information Needs: Help for Financial Problems - Lown
  • The Scope of Consumer Education as Reflected in Interdisciplinary Curriculum Guides for Secondary Education Programs - Cunningham, Miller 
  • Knowledge of Men and Women about Consumer Credit Laws, Insurance, and Estate Planning: A Preliminary Investigation and Analysis - Perch, Flashman 

Symposium on Farm Family Financial Stress

  • The Current Family Farm Crisis - Weagley
  • Farm Family Financial Stress: Impact on Consumers - Kinsey
  • State Policy Issues - Fletcher
  • Project "SUPPORT" - Goss
  • Managing for Tomorrow - Prochaska-Cue
  • Summary - Walker 

Panel on The Consumer Expenditure Survey Data: Access, Uses, and Needs of Users

  • The Consumer Expenditure Survey: Information Exchange and Overview - Garner, Lippert
  • Consumer Expenditure Survey Series - Wagner
  • Consumer Expenditure Survey Data and the Estimation of Economic Loss - Brookshire
  • Consumer Expenditure (CE) Survey Data: Consumer Research and Marketing Implications - Cunningham
  • Consumer Expenditure Data in Family Economics Research - Hefferan (Unavailable)
  • Some Thoughts on the Consumer Researcher's Use of the Consumer Expenditure Survey - Maynes 

General Session

  • International Consumer Guidelines: What Are they, How Did They Come About, and What Could They Accomplish? - Peterson