Call for Papers

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The Journal of Consumer Affairs announces a Special Issue on

"Consumer Well-being in Asia"

Special issue editors:
Jing Jian Xiao, University of Rhode Island
Eunju Ko, Yonsei University
May O. Lwin, Nanyang Technological University

The Journal of Consumer Affairs (JCA) invites papers for a special issue on consumer well-being in Asia. Consumer well-being refers to safety, fairness, satisfaction, sustainability, emotional positivity, and healthfulness which may be sought through consumer products and services obtained from marketplaces. Consumer well-being can be measured in various dimensions such as economic, financial, physical, psychological, social, and culture. This special issue will focus on consumer issues in fast changing Asia as many important consumer issues in Asia are under-studied in comparison to literature from the West. With Asia having a large, 60% of the world population and Asian countries highly diverse in terms of economic developments, social systems, and cultural traditions, many important issues related to consumer spending, health, and finance need be investigated and studied. Such research will enrich the global literature of consumer affairs and inform public policies to advance consumer interests.

JCA, a journal of the American Council on Consumer Interests (ACCI), and consistent with ACCI’s origins in the consumer movement, research published in the journal focuses on protecting consumers’ interests and is addressed from the consumers’ point of view.

Researchers in all relevant fields are encouraged to submit their work.

Suggested topics within the Asian landscape for the special issue include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Global issues and sustainable consumer well-being
  • Sustainable and innovative consumer well-being management
  • Corporate social responsibility, legal issues, and consumer well-being
  • Consumer well-being and consumer value
  • Sustainable consumer well-being value chains
  • Digital consumer well-being for sustainability
  • Sustainable fashion, food, design and consumer policy
  • Ethical issues and safety issues
  • Health promotion communications
  • Traditional and culture-specific approaches to health
  • Nutrition, food and well-being
  • Consumer financial capability and well-being
  • Consumer financial education and well-being
  • Consumer financial protection and well-being
  • Consumer borrowing and well-being
  • Consumer saving and well-being
  • Consumer risk management and well-being
  • Fintech and consumer well-being
  • Changing lifestyles and spending, health, and/or financial behaviors
  • Cross-cultural comparisons of spending, health, and/or financial issues
  • Behavioral change in consumer spending, health, and/or finance
  • Demographic sub-groups (e.g. elderly populations) and well-being

Full manuscripts to the Special Issue may be submitted online through ScholarOne Manuscripts (connect directly to or connect via the link on the Journal of Consumer Affairs website). Manuscripts submitted should be 25 or fewer pages, double spaced, Times New Roman, Font Size 12, and inclusive of tables, figures, and appendices. Style guidelines and publishing requirements can be viewed online at

Style guidelines and publishing requirements can be viewed online at

Submission deadline: October 31, 2019

Please address any questions to Jing Jian Xiao ([email protected]), Eunju Ko ([email protected]), or and/or May O. Lwin ([email protected]).