Notes, Notes, Notes

Letter of Intent due June 1, 2017. Apply for a $10,000 grant to utilize the Arizona Pathways to Life Success for University Students database. APLUS is the first longitudinal and multidisciplinary research initiative to integrate social behavior and human developmental perspectives into the study of early adults’ financial behaviors. Read more HERE

Where can I study? Read more HERE. Have a program at your University? Call the ACCI office to add your program to the list. 

The Journal of Consumer Affairs 

  • Newest Issue: The Journal of Consumer Affairs (JOCA), Spring 2017, Volume 51, Number 1
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Jobs and Calls

  • Federal Reserve Board, Chief, Consumer & Community Development Research position
  • University of Kentucky, tenure-track Assistant Professor, Family Sciences position
  • The University of Arizona, Director, Take Charge America Institute position
  • The Ohio State University, Department Chair, Human Sciences position
  • University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture, tenure-track Assistant Professor position
  • California State University Northridge, tenure-track Assistant Professor position
  • California State University Northridge, Assistant/Associate Professor position
  • California State University, Long Beach, tenure-track, Assistant Professor of Consumer Affairs position
  • South Dakota State University, Assistant Professor, Consumer Affairs position
  • University of Missouri, tenure-track, Assistant Professor, Personal Financial Planning position
  • University of Alabama, tenure-track, Assistant Professor, Consumer Sciences position
  • University of Alabama, Department Head, Consumer Sciences position
  • University of Alabama, HES Endowed Research Chair position
  • Whitworth University, tenure-track, Assistant Professor of Marketing position