ACCI 2025 Annual Conference

“Enhancing Consumer Well-being: Equity and Resilience”
April 15-17, 2025, Omni William Penn, Pittsburg, PA, USA

Colston E. Warne Lecture

Emily Gallagher
Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado Boulder


Esther Peterson Consumer Policy Forum Lecture:

Devesh Raval
Deputy Director for Consumer Protection at Federal Trade Commission


Conference Planning Committee Chair: Richard Stebbins
Co-Chair: Yilan Xu

Call for Proposals to Present

Coming Soon!

Goals of the Conference

  • Learning about programs and research in the wide field of consumer science,
  • Networking to learn what others are doing,
  • Motivation to become refreshed, stimulated in your own work, and to keep up the new connections made here.

Conference Objectives: At the end of the conference, participants will be able to: (1) name at least three new research projects of which they were unaware; (2) describe at least three new professional contacts; and (3) explain ACCI’s mission and vision and identify at least one way in which you could become active in support of work in the consumer's interest.