The ACCI Consumer Interests Annual

What is Consumer Interests Annual?

  • These are the papers and abstracts from Annual ACCI Conferences. We are currently working to upload the entire collection, but it is far from complete. You can call the ACCI office to find documents from the collections that are not yet posted.

These are listed by year

  • We are currently building out this section of the ACCI website, starting with the most recent conference and working into the past years to publish all of the proceedings available. We thank you for your patience as we work to make these valuable resources available.

Please help us

  • We are missing some year’s proceedings and invite Members to carefully search their files to help us complete our holdings. Additionally, we would like to create an index of authors and topics to make this collection more valuable. Volunteers for this project are most welcome!

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For more information about the CIA, please call (727) 940-2658 x 2002.