Consumer Interests Annual 2009

Plenary Sessions

The Nutrition Labeling and Education Act of 1990: Time for Some Fine Tuning
Ilene Ringel Heller, Center for Science in the Public Interest (Colston Warne Lecture)

Concurrent Sessions

Providing Nutrition Information at the Point of Sale in a Dining Service Environment
Jane Kolodinsky, Rachel K. Johnson, Jean Harvey-Berino, Linda Berlin

The Effects of Demographics on Consumer Perceptions of Identity Theft in Rural and Urban Settings
Axton Betz

The Impact of DTC Print and Television Advertising on Antidepressant Use
Rosemary J. Avery, Matthew Eisenberg, Kosali I. Simon

Apartment REITS, Asymmetric Information, and the Consumer Interest: Measuring Dichotomous Outcomes in Tenant Satisfaction
Russell James III

The unintended consequences of disclosure: Explicit sponsor identification and the cognitive processing of smoking cessations ads
Sahara Byrne, Alan D. Mathios, Rosemary J. Avery, Philip Solomon Hart

The Geographic Settings of Asset Building: Defining Barriers to IDA Program Participation
Sara Wackler DeMay, Cäzilia Loibl, David S. Kraybill

Household-Based Analysis of the Effect of Recent Recessionary Economic Events: Problems and Solutions
Jennifer L. Hunter, Claudia J. Heath

Policy Implications of Proceeding Papers
Elizabeth M. Dolan

Online Investment Education for Farm Households
Jane Schuchardt, Jason Johnson, Tim Eggers

Evidence-Based Educational Opportunities in Tough Economic Times
Jane Schuchardt, Patricia Olson, Constance Costner, Megan O’Neil-Haight

Value Orientation, Internet Usage, and Online Shopping Adoption: A Structural Equation Modeling Investigation on Chinese Consumers
Lingfei Wu, Yi Cai, Dehuan Liu

Spending Patterns of Older Workers
Deanna L. Sharpe, Tansel Yilmazer

The Effect of the Availability of a Car on the Consumption Expenses of Older Adults
Ting-Ying Yang, Sharon A. DeVaney

Integrating the Family into the Business
George W. Haynes, Maria I. Marshall, Helen Pushkarskaya, Yoon G. Lee,

Determinants of Successful Family Businesses among Black, Korean, Mexican and White Entrepreneurs
Yoon G. Lee, Ramona K.Z. Heck

Assessing the Damage: The Effects of Rising Foreclosure Rates on Consumer Investment in Owner-Occupied Housing
J. Michael Collins

Way to pay: Exploring age-related differences in the choice of payment instruments
Jinkook Lee, Cäzilia Loibl

The Housing Bubble Goes Bust: The Impact of Housing Values on the Demand for Reverse Mortgages
Eileen St. Pierre

Concurrent Sessions

What Works for Families: Clinical and Experimental Methods for Studying Consumer Issues
Kristy L. Archuleta, Sonya Britt, J. Michael Collins, Joseph Goetz, John E. Grable, Jane Schuchardt

Assessing Cardholder Knowledge Regarding Payment Allocation
Joshua M Frank

Carbonation concerns: Is there a relationship between time spent drinking, beverage patterns and overweight in male adults?
Amanda Goldstein, Jane Kolodinsky

The Growth of Charitable Estate Planning among Americans Nearing Retirement
Russell James III, Mitzi Lauderdale, Cliff Robb

Moving toward the transdisciplinary: Using multiple data sets to examine overweight in America
Jane Kolodinsky, Amanda Goldstein

Estimation and Impact of Gender Differences in Risk Tolerance
Urvi Neelakantan

Financial Disagreements and Marital Conflict Resolution Strategies
Jeffrey Dew, John Dakin

Family Expenditure on Children’s Education in Japan and the United States
Yoko Mimura

Intergenerational Transfer in the Immigrant Family: Evidence from the New Immigrant Survey
Haejeong Kim, Jinhee Kim

Household Bargaining and Portfolio Choice
Urvi Neelakantan, Angela C. Lyons, Carl H. Nelson

Saving Habits of American Households and the Economy
Sophia T. Anong, Sharon A. DeVaney, Nicole Gerike

Retirement Savings and Types of Investment Assets among Near-Retirees: How do Women Save and Invest Differently than Men
Yoon G. Lee, Katrina Nye

Low-Income Rural Mothers’ Support for Employment: Policy Implications
Carolyn L. Bird

Challenges with Employment: Trajectories and Supportive Environments
Jean W. Bauer, Seohee Son, Jaerim Lee, Mary Jo Katras, Yoshie Sano, Ann A. Berry

Work Constraints of Rural, Low Income Mothers and Their Partners
Elizabeth M. Dolan, Sharon Seiling,Sabrina Harris

Policies that Support the Employment Decision of Low-Income Rural Mothers
Sheila Mammen, Sharon Seiling

Understanding Factors that Influence the Opportunity for Education and Training
Carolyn L. Bird, Jean W. Bauer

Borrowing to Cope with Adverse Health Events: Liquidity Constraints and Unsecured Debt
Patryk Babiarz, Richard Widdows, Tansel Yilmazer

Regional Differences in the Value of Statistical Life Hedonic estimates for the value of a statistical life vary significantly across census divisions
Robert L. Scharff


The Influence of Family Disruption on College Attendance and Completion: The Experience of the Wisconsin Longitudinal Cohort
Dong Han, Karen Holden

Post-Disaster Recovery and Rebuilding: The Role of Financial Wellness
Chuanlan Liu, Frances C. Lawrence, William Black, Anna Walz

Correlates of Physical Health Conditions and Depressive Symptoms among Elderly Women                         Susan M. Brown, Yoon G. Lee

The Decision to Buy an Annuity
Sharon A. DeVaney, Elizabeth Gorham

Social Network, Financial Capital, and Business Success among Minority Women Small Business Owner
Yoon G. Lee, Laquita C. Blockson, Ramona K.Z. Heck

Factors that Influence Small Business Start-up
Adrienne Hall, Sharon A. DeVaney

Financial Education and Evaluation: A Graduate Course with a Service Learning Component
Leslie Green-Pimentel, Melissa Wilmarth, M.J. Kabaci, Irina Kunovskaya, Brenda Cude, Lance Palmer

Shifting the Paradigm of Financial Education: From a Wealth Maximization Model to Include a Financial Well-Being Model
Deborah C. Haynes, Nicole Wanago, Holly Hunts

Materialism and Financial Behaviors
Joseph “Yosi” Eisen, Michael Gutter

Precautionary Savings against Health Risks: Evidence from the Health and Retirement Study
Tansel Yilmazer, Robert L. Scharff

Variables determining pocket money for junior-high school students
Junko Shigekawa

Saving Behavior among Cohabiting, Married, and Single Adults
Teresa A. Mauldin, Yoko Mimura, Melissa J. Wilmart

Consumption Patterns and Demand for Local Food in Chittenden County, Vermont
Jane M. Kolodinsky, Thomas P. DeSisto, Michele C. Schmidt

Things are not always what they seem: perception and reality of away from home eating
Jane Kolodinsky, Erin Roche

Promoting Better Health Through Active Commuting: Can We Pay People To Exercise?
Jane Kolodinsky, Erin Roche