Honor a Mentor

The ACCI Honor a Mentor Program is an opportunity that not only gives ACCI members and colleagues a way to recognize someone who has impacted their professional lives, but the program also provides funds to assist young professionals in their career development. Funds raised through Honor a Mentor are restricted to supporting the Students and Young Professionals Annual Conference Scholarship Awards. Applications will be made available in the fall of each year. Click here for the application form.

You may choose to honor a Mentor (living or deceased) who made a positive influence on your professional development, or who facilitated the achievement of your career or educational goals. You may personally nominate someone or solicit contributions from others, as a group, to recognize the Mentor. This award could also coincide with retirement or a significant achievement in the life or career of the Mentor. At least one donor or the honoree must be a current or former member of ACCI. If someone has previously recognized as a Mentor, for instance, additional funds can be raised to again honor that person as a Master Mentor. Nomination forms should be submitted by mid-October and donations will be accepted through February 1st of the next year. Awards will be presented at the Annual Conference Awards Ceremony.

Levels of Recognition:

  • Mentor $500
  • Master Mentor $2,500
  • Maestro Mentor $5,000

All mentor levels will be recognized with an engraved award.

Award Winners

To donate to any one of these past campaigns, please go to the Honor a Mentor Donation page.

    • 2018:
      • Sharon DeVaney, Purdue University-retired (Master Mentor)
      • Rui Yao, University of Missouri (Mentor)
    • 2017: Jonathan Fox, Iowa State University (Master Mentor)
    • 2016:
      • Sally Manning (deceased) (Master Mentor Award)
      • Loren Geistfeld, Ohio State University-retired (Master Mentor Award)
      • Deanna Sharpe, University of Missouri (Mentor Award)
      • Brenda Cude, University of Georgia (Mentor Award)
    • 2009:
      • Sharon DeVaney, Purdue University (Mentor Award)
      • Jing Jian Xiao, University of Rhode Island
      • Marie Lachance, Université Laval
    • 2005: Catherine Montalto, Ohio State University
    • 2004:
      • Jeanne Hogarth, Federal Reserve Board (Master Mentor)
      • Rachel Dardis, University of Maryland-retired (Mentor)
    • 2000: Mary Winter (deceased) (Master Mentor Award)
    • 1999:
      • Gwen J. Byrners, Cornell University (Master Mentor Award)
      • Sherman Hanna, Ohio State University (Mentor Award)
      • E. Scott Maynes (deceased), Cornell University (Master Mentor Award)
      • Richard L. D. Morse, Kansas State University (Mentor Award)
      • Richard Widdows, Ohio State University (Mentor Award)
      • Margaret Charters, Syracuse University (Mentor Award)
    • 1998:
      • Father Robert J. McEwen (deceased) (Master Mentor Award)
      • Loren V. Geistfeld, Ohio State University (Mentor Award)
      • Carole J. Makela, Colorado State University (Mentor Award)
      • Meredith M. Layer (deceased) (Mentor Award)
    • 1997:
      • Geraldine Olson, Oregon State University (Mentor Award)
      • Kathryn Stafford, Ohio State University (Mentor Award)
      • Jane McCullough, Oregon State University (Mentor Award)
      • Jean Bowers, Ohio State University (Mentor Award)
      • W. Keith Bryant, Cornell University (Mentor Award)
      • Jean Kinsey, University of Minnesota (Mentor Award)
    • 1996:
      • Edward J. Metzen (deceased), University of Missouri - Columbia (Mentor Award)
      • Gordon Bivens, Iowa State University (Mentor Award)
      • Ray G. Price (deceased) (Mentor Award)
      • Arch W. Troelstrup (deceased) (Mentor Award)