2011 American Council on Consumer Interests Conference Proceedings

Creating Useful Information for Health Insurance Consumers
By: Brenda J. Cude

Health Care Spending by Medicare Households: 2005-2009
By: Ann C. Foster and Craig J Kreisler

Debt Holding and Burden by Family Structure: Patterns and Trends in 1989-2007
By: Jing Jian Xiao and Rui Yao

How Do We Make Financial Education Policy Work? How Research on Personal Financial Practices Associated with Wealth Accumulation Can Enhance the Effectiveness of Financial Educational Programs
By: David W. Eccles, Paul Ward and Elizabeth Goldsmith

Invest in your health today so you do not have a big medical bill tomorrow: Is this really true?
By: Patryk Babiarz, Richard Widdows and Tansel Yilmazer

Proximity, Emotional Closeness, and Financial and Time Transfer between Parents and Their Adult Children
By: Jinhee Kim, Swarn Chatterjee, Saeeun Choi and Haejeong Kim

What’s time got to do with it? An Investigation of Obesity in Male versus Female Single Headed Households
By: Jane Kolodinsky and Amanda Goldstein

Emergency Funds and Savings among Service Members
By: Alexander M. Brand, Jeanne M Hogarth, Nicholas J. Peranzi and Andrew D. Vlietstra

Vermonters Use of Tax Refunds from 2007 to 2009 to Improve Household Economic Mobility through Savings and Asset Building Expenditure
By: Michele C. Schmidt and Jane M. Kolodinsky

Who Benefits Most from Section 529 Plans and Coverdell ESA Accounts?                                                    Hyrum Smith

Risk-based Pricing and Credit Cards: What Consumers Need to Know

By: Nicholas J. Peranzi and Jeanne M. Hogarth

Did the Credit CARD Act Lead to Higher Interest Rates or Just More Honest Rates?
By: Joshua M. Frank

Retirement Planning in an Emerging Market: A Cluster Analysis of Chinese Seniors’ Attitudes and Behaviors
By: Yi Cai and Yali Yang

Financially Vulnerable Small Businesses and their Retirement Assets
By: George Haynes and Deborah C. Haynes

The Relative Decline in Women in the Consumer Economics Major: A Case Study of the University of Illinois at U-C
By: Andrea H. Beller and Megan Cott

Financial Behaviors of College Students: A Comparison of University Students in Ankara and Florida
By: Michael Gutter and Zeynep Copur

Student Financial Counseling: An Analysis of a Clinical and Non-Clinical Sample
By: Julie Cumbie, Sam Cupples, Justin Henegar, Kurt Schindler, Kristy Archuleta, Sonya Britt, and John Grable

What is the Cost of Married Women’s Paid Work?
By: Seonglim Lee, Jinkook Lee and Yunhee Chang

The Role of Money Arguments in Marriage
By: Sonya L. Britt and Sandra J. Huston

A Test of the Theory of Self-Esteem: A Consumer Behavior Perspective
By: Ronald A. Sages and John E. Grable

In Search of A Fresh Start: Can Credit Counseling Help Debtors Recover from Bankruptcy?
By: Angela C. Lyons, Erik Scherpf and Shawn Howard

Educating the Experts: Online Financial Education for Credit Union Employees
By: J. Michael Collins and Deanna L. Dietrich

Financial Education for Employees: The Limits of Information
By: J. Michael Collins

Portfolio Choice and Risk Attitudes: A Household Bargaining Approach
By: Tansel Yilmazer

Factors Related to Meeting the Capital Accumulation Ratio Guideline: Evidence from the 1992 to 2007 Survey of Consumer Finances
By: Jodi Letkiewicz

Financial Awareness and Consumer Rights: an Overview of Assessments and Policy Implications: Lessons from Transitional Economies
By: Irina Kunovskaya and Brenda Cude

Financial Literacy Profiles of American Adults
By: Sandra Huston

Consumer Education & Identify Theft
By: David Standaloft and Margaret-Anne Houston

The Influence of Consumer Socialization Factors on Teens’ Privacy Concerns and Information Disclosure on the Internet
By: Seounmi Youn

Harnessing the Power of Technology to Enhance Financial Literacy Education and Personal Financial Well-Being: A Review of the Literature, Proposed Model, and Action Agenda
By: Wendy L. Way

Media Savvy: Translating Your Work for Media Consumption
By: Susan Matthews Apgood and Lynn Harris Medcalf

The Online Small Steps to Health and Wealth™ Challenge: Pilot Test Evaluation Results
By: Barbara O’Neill and Karen Ensle

Consumer Attitudes towards Genetically Modified Organisms in the Food Supply: A Look Back and Ahead
By: Jane Kolodinsky and Thomas Patrick DeSisto

The Meaning of Retirement to Older Adults with Different Resources
By: Ting-Ying Yang and Sharon A. DeVaney

How Do We Study Public Policy Research Questions?
By: Sharon A. DeVaney and Ting-Ying Yang

Do Past Financial Knowledge and Positive Behaviors Portend Change or Continuity among Young Adults During Economic Crisis?
By: Joyce Serido, Sun Young Ahn and Soyeon Shim

Exploration of Teacher Preparedness by State Financial Education Policy
By: Amanda Blanco, Rachel Dorman, Michael Gutter, William Parker and Taylor Spangler

Moderating Role of Reactive Coping Behavior and Perceived Impact of Economic Crisis in Young Adult’s Change of Well-Being during the Recession
By: Sun Young Ahn, Joyce Serido and Soyeon Shim

Retirement Planning for Small Business Owners: The Special Case of Home-Based Businesses
By: Sam Cupples and John Grable

Technostress and Consumer Coping
By: Sangmin Jun and Jungsung Yeo

Exploring The Relationship Between Financial and Non-financial Risk Taking Behaviors
By: Diann Moorman, Martin Seay and Leslie Gordon-Simons

The Financial Coping Strategies of African American Women
By: Cassandra Chaney, Frances C. Lawrence and Linda Skogrand

Children’s Food Choice in Scotland: Views of Policy Stakeholders
By: Paul Johnstone and Margaret-Anne Houston

Is Financial Education a Moderator between Financial Social Learning Opportunities and Savings Behavior among College Students?
By: William Parker and Michael Gutter

The Effect of Personal Financial Management, Bank Relationship and Small Business Characteristics on Small Business Productivity
By: Haejeong Kim, Sharon A. DeVaney, SooHyun Cho and Jinhee Kim

A New Look at Consumers’ and Clinicians’ Options in Smoking Cessation: Smokeless Tobacco, Nicotine Replacement Therapy, Zyban, Chantix and other Interventions       

By: Jason D. Miller, Teresa A. Mauldin, Brenda Cude and Joseph J Sabia

The Disclosure Solution to the Problems Consumers Face in the Life Insurance Marketplace
By: R. Brian Fechtel