Consumer Interests Annual - Volume 62, 2016

Edited by Robin Henager-Greene, Assistant Professor, Whitworth School of Business


  • Esther Peterson Lecture - Young Consumer Activists Today:  We Need to Hear Their Voices - Karpatkin


  • Buying High? The House Money Effect on DC Plan Stock Investment - Yao, Lei
  • Collegiate Financial Wellness: Understanding Stress and Worry - Montalto, Heckman, Letkiewiz
  • Consumer Financial Education and Financial Satisfaction: The Mediating Role of Financial Capability - Xiao, Porto
  • Do Financial Planners Improve Household Well-Being? Inferring Causality from Observational Data - Heckman, Seay, Letkiewicz, Kim
  • Exploring the Demand for Financial Advice: The Role of Financial Literacy - Seay, Letkiewicz, Kim, Heckman
  • Financial Adjustment and Couple Resilience in the Great Recession - Ray, Gudmunson, Jorgensen, Yorgason
  • Immigrant Financial Decision Making: Use of Bank and Nonbank Financial Services - Northwood, Rhine
  • Positive Health and Financial Behaviors:The Impact of Daily Time Commitment and Avoidance - O'Neill, Xiao, Ensle
  • Product Strategy & Antitrust: A Consumer Choice Perspective - Petty
  • The Effect of Student Loans on College Adjustment by Race: Differential Effects of Loan Source - Kim, Moon, Kim
  • The Financial Behavior of First-Year College Students: The Power of Parenting and Self-Efficacy - Serido, Deenanth, Burcher
  • The Relationship Between Student Loan Debt and Financial Wellness - Henager, Wilmarth, Mauldin
  • The Various Outcomes of a Comprehensive Values-Based Financial Literacy Program - McGee, Bruin
  • Young Adults’ Financial Behavior, Financial Values, and Relationship Satisfaction: Do Perceptions of Partner’s Behavior or Shared Financial Values Matter? - Mao, Serido, Danes


  • Banking Behavior among the Millennials - Kim, DeVaney
  • Credit Card Spending Behavior: Attitudes are Needs or Wants? - Lee, Lee
  • Factors Associated with the Use of Financial Planners: Adoption and Termination - Zhao, Babiarz, Zhang
  • Financial Education and Resource Needs of Missouri United Methodist Ministers - Hermsen, Sharpe
  • Financial Planning and Health Care Decisions for People with Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis - Cronenwett, Schopp, Choi
  • Gender and the Division of Household Financial Management - L'Esperance
  • Influence of Financial Knowledge on College Student Retention - Monday, Lawrence
  • Retirement Savings of Family Business Owners after the Great Recession - Kim, Lee
  • The Intensive Margin of Private Health Insurance - Chalise, Anong
  • The Link between Financial Self-Awareness – A Form of Implementation Intention – and Later Life Financial Well-being - Su
  • The Relationship Between Collectivism, Self-Integration, and Consumer Susceptibility to Interpersonal Influence - Yang, Lee, Hu, DeVaney
  • Understanding the Dynamics of Material and Financial Hardship and the Receipt of Social Assistance - Wilmarth, Seay, Nielsen
  • Urban-Rural Income/Consumption Inequality and Household Demand in China - Huang
  • Who Pays More for Medical Expenses and Health Insurance Premiums? - Choi, Blackburn