Consumer Interests Annual 2006 


Consumer Willingness to Pay Premiums for Non-GM and Organic Foods

John C. Bernard, Katie Gifford


Do Financial Planners Serve the Interests of Their Clients? Use of Financial Planners, Credit Card Balances and Liquid Assets

Lan Bi, Sherman D. Hanna


Determinants of Owning a Prestigious Automobile

Sookeun Byun, Sharon A. DeVaney


Economic and Behavior Profiles of Women and Men Who Consume Whole Grains

Andrea Carlson, Lisa Mancino


Why Setting Standards is Important to Consumers and How Consumers Benefit

Caroline Warne


Household Debt and Marital Instability: Evidence from Korean Labor and Income Panel Study

Yunhee Chang, Ki Young Lee


Change in Retirement Adequacy, 1995-2001: Accounting for Stages of Retirement

Chen-Chung Chen, Sherman D. Hanna


Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Do Households Optimize Their Investment Portfolios Based on Their Subjective and Objective Risk Tolerance?

Chen-Chung Chen, Tzu-Chin M. Peng, David A. Evans, Sherman D. Hanna


Consumer Diet-Disease Knowledge and Food Label Usage

Conrad J. Choinière,  Anu Mitra


The Effects of Urban Sprawl on Body Mass Index: Where People Live Does Matter?

Seong-Hoon Cho, Zhuo Chen, David B. Eastwood, Steven T. Yen


Longitudinal Analysis of Big Box Store Construction on Nearby Home Values

Melvin Corlija, Emilian Siman, Michael S. Finke


Towards Financial Literacy—Program Leaders Comment on Evaluation and Impact

Michelle D. Coussens


Geography of Consumer Bankruptcies and Neighborhood Characteristics

Lucy Delgadillo, Dan Coster, Luke Erickson


Credit Card Usage among White, African American and Hispanic Households

Duleep Delpechitre, Sharon A. DeVaney


An Evaluation of Policy Initiatives Designed to Aid Decision Making in Personal Finance in the UK

James F Devlin


An Advocacy Approach to Federal Nutrition Guidance and Implementation

Eric Hentges


Immigrant Status and Consumer Behavior Regarding Investment Products among College Students

Joshua Fogel, Placido D. Viterbo, Jun Yin, Jennifer Gipp


Differences in the Onset of Formal Retirement Saving between Native and Foreign Born Individuals: An Event History Analysis

Angela Fontes, Michael S. Gutter


How Well Do Individuals Assess Their Own Risk Tolerance? An Empirical Investigation

John Grable, Michael Roszkowski, So-Hyun Joo, Barbara O'Neill, Ruth H. Lytton,


Collecting Data on Eating Patterns, Obesity Risk and Food Access: The Food and Eating Module

Karen S. Hamrick

Economic Well-being of Poor and Non-Poor Women in Kentucky: Correcting for Selection into Marriage

Claudia J. Heath, Robert Walker


Cohort Analysis of Consumer Credit Card Behaviors: Will Consumers Be Ready for Retirement?

Laura M. Reynolds, Jeanne M. Hogarth, Amberly Taylor


Consumer Payment Choices: Paper, Plastic – or Electrons?

Jeanne M. Hogarth, Jane M. Kolodinsky, Tatiana Gabor


¡Cuidado! Remittances and Consumer Protection

Marianne A. Hilgert, Jeanne M. Hogarth, Jonathan H. Kivell


So Tell Me What You Really Think: Payroll Cards from the Consumer’s Perspecti

Jeanne M. Hogarth, Michael D. Wilson


Social Security:The Way Forward

John Rother


Youth Energy Balance: Evaluating Family and Economic Trajectories

Lori Kowaleski-Jones, Barbara B. Brown, Jessie X. Fan, Ken R. Smith, Cathleen D. Zick


Elder Fraud: An American-Korean Comparison

Eun-Jin Kim, Loren Geistfeld


Financial Problems and Marital Well-being for Recently Married Individuals

Katrina Nye, Yoon G. Lee, Brian J. Higginbotham, Thomas R. Lee, David G. Schramm


Retirement Preparedness of Pre-Retirees Aged 52-64

Yoon G. Lee, Leslie Green,


Self-Employed Near-Retirees and Financial Retirement Preparation

Yoon G. Lee, Jessica Johnson


The More Financially Knowledgeable Person in Older Couple Households

Suzanne Lindamood, Sherman D. Hanna


Food Expenditures: Organic Food Shoppers versus Non-Organic Food Shoppers

Jinghan Li


Factors Contributing to Consumer Bankruptcy

Jean M. Lown, Jessica Johnson


Household Finance Issues and Marital Instability

Angela C. Lyons, Yunhee Chang, Jeffrey Dew, Jonathan Fisher, Urvi Neelakantan


Translating Financial Education into Knowledge and Behavior Change

Angela C. Lyons, Mitchell Rachlis, Michael Staten, Jing Jian Xiao

Doctor’s Orders and Magic Pills: How Much Do People with Health Problems Substitute Medication for a Healthier Lifestyle?

Lisa Mancino, Fred Kuchler


Changes in Factors Contributing to Rising Body Mass Index: 1997 versus 2002

Bidisha Mandal, Wen Chern


Exploratory Study of Senior Citizens’ Credit Card Attitudes and Usage

Phylis M. Mansfield, Mary Beth Pinto


Economic Well-being of the Elderly: Gender Differences

Jariah Masud, Sharifah A. Haron, Aizan T. A. Hamid, Zumilah Zainaluddin


Changing Behavior One Step at a Time: The Small Steps to Health and Wealth™Workbook

Barbara O’Neill


Starting Over: Financial Education for Bankruptcy Filers

Barbara O’Neill, Jane Schuchardt, Robert O. Weagley, Celia Hayhoe


Financial Distress: Definition, Effects and Measurement

Barbara O’Neill, Benoit Sorhaindo, Aimee Prawitz, Jinhee Kim, E. Thomas Garman


How Effective Were the Financial Safety Nets in the Aftermath of Katrina?

Julia S. Cheney, Sherrie L.W. Rhine


Prepaid Cards: An Important Innovation in Financial Services

Julia S. Cheney, Sherrie L.W. Rhine


Re-evaluating the Relation between Smoking and BMI: The Impact of Time Preference

Cliff A. Robb, Sandra J. Huston, Michael S. Finke


Consumer Buying Behavior in Response to Corporate Scandal: The Case of Martha Stewart

Sarah Roberto, Wendy Reiboldt, David Schult, Lydia Sondhi


The Effect of Employment Status on Households’ Emergency Savings

Alicia Rodriguez-Flores, Sharon A. DeVaney


Women and Net Worth over the Life Cycle

Alicia Rodriguez-Flores, Sharon A. DeVaney


Sources of Income among University Students in Malaysia

Mohamad Fazli Sabri, Jariah Masud


Trends in the Food Intakes of Children 1977-2002

Rhonda S. Sebastian, Linda E. Cleveland, Joseph D. Goldman, Alanna J. Moshfegh


Wealth Status of Single Women: A 12 Year Comparison

Deanna L. Sharpe, Sandra J. Huston


Assessing Client Flow and Customer Service in a One-Stop Career Center

Deanna L. Sharpe, Peter Mueser


Specific Elements of Communication That Affect Trust and Commitment in the Financial Planning Process

Deanna L. Sharpe, Carol A. Anderson, Andrea White, Susan E. Galvin, Martin Siesta


Which Consumers Are Using Home Equity Lines of Credit?

Emilian Siman, Michael S. Finke, Melvin Corlija


Assessing the Effectiveness of Financial Management Distance Education for Women

Patricia Swanson, Cynthia Needles Fletcher


The Risk Tolerance and Stock Ownership of Business-Owning Households

Cong Wang, Sherman D. Hanna


Older and Younger Women and Their Opinions about Social Security Reform and Private Accounts

Meifang Xiang, Sharon A. DeVaney


Applying the Transtheoretical Model of Change to Credit Counseling: Addressing Practical Issues

Jing Jian Xiao, Jiayun Wu


Determinants of the Extent of External Search for Information about Savings and Investment

Yuan Yang, SharonA. DeVaney


The Effect of Credit Constraints on the Severity of the Consumer Debt Service Burden

Jing Zhao, Sherman D. Hanna, Suzanne Lindamood


Academic Persistence and the Role of Revolving Credit Card Debt

Andrew Zumwalt, Sandra J. Huston, Michael S. Finke, Robert Weagley