Consumer Interests Annual 1993

Determinants of Consumer Credit Card Repayment Patterns
Lien-Ti Bei

Complaint Channels and Grievance Mechanism Systems in Health Care Institutions
Margaret A. Charters

Shopping Time, Grocery Expenditures, and Coupon Savings: Insights into a Time/Money Trade-Off
Jane Kolodinsky and JoAnne Labrecque

Consumers' Use of Money-Saving Strategies in the Purchase of Pet Food During an Economic Recession
Vicki R. Fitzsimmons

Apparel Shopping Patterns and Problems Among Children 's Wear Consumers
Pamela S. Norum

An Exploratory Analysis of Some Dynamic Effects of Advertising on Fresh Meat Demand
David B. Eastwood, Morgan D. Gray, and John R. Brooker

Analysis of Leisure Expenditures in the United States
Rachel Dardis, Horacio Soberon-Ferrer, and Dilip Patro

Tobacco Consumption Patterns: Implications for Consumer Education
Mi Kyeong Bae, Sherman Hanna, and Chandrika Jayathirtha

A Hierarchy of Financial Needs Reflected by Household Paper Assets
Jing-Jian Xiao and Joan Gray Anderson

Emergency Funds Levels of Households: Is Household Behavior Rational?
Sherman Hanna, Yu-Chun Regina Chang, Xiaojing Jessie Fan, and Mi Kyeong Bae

Determinants of Holdings of Types of Savings
Ann M. Davis

Materialism and Other Consumption Orientations
Monroe Friedman

The Coming Resurgence of the Consumer Movement: Prospects and Potential
Roger Swagler

Nutrition Claims in Advertising and Food Production Trends
Pauline M. Ippolito and Alan D. Mathios

Recipient of the ACCI Dissertation Award

Relative Bargaining Power of Spouses: Empirical Results Using an Economic Model of Cooperative Bargaining
Catherine Phillips Montalto

Refereed Poster Abstracts

The Simple Analytics of Health Fringes and Job Lock
John Kushman

Quality of Nursing Home Care: Family Members as Extended Consumers
Marlene S. Stum, Kathleen Schmitz, and Janet Sarver

A Parsimonious Model of Dining Out Behavior
Terrence V. O'Brien, Mary E. Pritchard, and Christine L. Scheck

Practices and Beliefs of Consumers Who Shopped in Health and Natural Food Stores
Mary Ellen Cunningham and Peggy K. Schomaker

Child Custody and Divorce Settlements
Wendy L. Reiboldt and Sharon Seiling

An Approach to Health Care for Family Caregivers - As Partners in Their Own Health Care- As Managers of the Care of Older Family Members
Janice Holm Lloyd, Louise Mallet, and Thomas Lloyd

Consumer Knowledge: Does Practical Experience Make a Difference?
Karen F. Folk and Kim Durum

Is There Expert Consensus on Quality in a Regulated Profession?
John E. Kushman, James R. Freed, and Ronald W. Phelan

Information Use and Demographic Characteristics: Differences Among Consumers With and Without Purchase Problems
Joan Koonce Lewis and Teresa Mauldin

Gender and Religion: Their Relationship to "The Money in the Past and Future Scale"
William C. Bailey and Jean M. Lown

Needs Assessment: How Do We Know What to Teach?
Susan J. Jenkins

Older Consumers' Knowledge of Health Insurance: An Exploratory Study
Kathy Prochaska-Cue and Rebecca Cunningham

A New State Comparative Price Advertising Statute
Irene E. Leech

Consumer Behavior of Low-Income Persons: A Pilot Study
Joan Koonce Lewis

California Consumers: Choices and Decisions A Community Outreach Program
Wendy L. Reiboldt, Carol E. Kellett, and M. Elizabeth Hyland

Credit Use of Three Cohorts of Rural Women
Constance Y. Kratzer and Dennis Keefe