ACCI Consumer Interests Annual 2005

Older Consumers’ Debt Repayment Behaviors

Sunmee Baeck, Haejeong Kim

Stock Ownership and Credit Card Debt

Sunmee Baeck, Haejeong Kim

Achieving Customer Satisfaction in Global Marketplace

Jeanne Bank, Robert Kerton, Geneviève Reed, Richard Woods, Kernaghan Webb

The Effects of Culture on Women’s Opinions and Consumption Values for both Hedonic and Utilitarian Products in China and Taiwan

Lien-Ti Bei, Tsai-Ju Liao, KealohaWiddows

Myers Briggs Type and Financial Risk Taking in College Students  

Lawrence J. Belcher

Use of Alternative Medicine among Older Adults: An Exploratory Study

 Vibha Bhargava, Catherine P. Montalto, Gong-Soog Hong

The Relationship between Social Security Disability Filing and the Economy

 Sophia T. Chiremba, Sharon A. DeVaney, Alan Alexander

The Price of Shelter: Housing Issues Affecting Low-Income, New Immigrant Latinos

 Elizabeth Contos, Lucy Delgadillo

Linkages Between Employment Patterns and Depression Over Time: The Case of Low-Income Rural Mothers

Elizabeth M. Dolan, Leslie Richards, Yoshie Sano, Jean Bauer, Bonnie Braun

The Effects of Price Dispersion and Suggested List Price on Consumers’ Internal Reference Price

EttaY.I. Chen, Lien-Ti Bei

Elder Vulnerability: Definition and Application

 Eun-Jin Kim, Loren V. Geistfeld

Economic vs. Social Predictors of Chapter 13 Completion Rates: An In-depth Analysis of One Bankruptcy District

David A. Evans, Jean M. Lown

Information and Credit Access: Using Bankruptcy as a Signal

Jonathan Fisher, Angela C.Lyons

Assets and Program Participation

 Cynthia Needles Fletcher, Robert B. Nielsen, Steven B. Garasky

Tracking the Transition from Welfare to Work

 Cynthia Needles Fletcher, Mary Winter, An-Ti Shih

Delphi Study of Experts’ Rankings of Personal Finance Concepts Important in the Development of the InCharge Financial Distress/Financial Well-being Scale

E. Thomas Garman, Benoit Sorhaindo

Successful Undergraduate Consumer Programs

 E. Thomas Garman, Jinhee Kim

The Determinants of Propensity to Consume out of Wealth: Who Will Spend More when Wealth Increases?

Anna K. Gourgova, Sharon A. DeVaney

Parental Health, School Attendance, and Educational Enrollment for Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children

Craig Gundersen, Thomas Kelly

Race, Source of Information, and Wealth Accumulation Activities

Michael S. Gutter, Peter Clement

Using the Transtheoretical Model of Change to Assess Differences Among Households at Separate Stages of Saving Behavior Development.

Angela Fontes, Michael S. Gutter

Factors Influencing Expected Social Security Dependence

Nathan Harness

Social and Psychological Determinants of Financial Planning for Retirement

 Jeong Hee Yeo, Loren Geistfeld

The Effects of Attitudes, Perceived Control, and Knowledge on Engaging in Environmentally Conscious Behavior

Jeong Hee Yeo, Loren Geistfeld,

Determinants of Debit Card Use: A Study from the Consumers’ Perspective

Rui Jin, Sharon A. DeVaney

Remittance Patterns of Southern Sudanese Refugee Men

Phyllis J. Johnson, Kathrin Stoll

Predicting Emergency Fund Adequacy Using Classification Trees

So-Hyun Joo, John E. Grable

Willingness to Pay for Genetically Modified Food: Evidence from an Auction Experiment in Japan

Naoya Kaneko, Wen S. Chern

Teens Privacy Rights Online

JoanL. Kinney

Affect or Information? Labeling Policy and Consumer Valuation of rBST Free and Organic Characteristics of Milk

Jane Kolodinsky

Is There A Credit Card Puzzle? – An Exploratory Study

Lan Bi, Catherine P. Montalto

How Women's and Men's Online Shopping Behaviors Differ

Chuanlan Liu, Sandra Forsythe, Daniel M. Gropper

Are Debtors Abusing Bankruptcy By Repeat Filings?

Bonny C. Llewellyn, Jean M. Lown

Consumer Problems with Prepaid Telephone Cards

Julia Marlowe, Martina Rojo

Regulating Advertisements: The Case of Smoking Cessation Products

Alan Mathios, Dean Lillard, Donald Kenkel, Rosemary Avery

What Can Financial Ratios Tell Us About Low-Income Households?
Teresa Mauldin, Joan Koonce Moss

Before and After the Economic Crisis: Changes in Financial Ratios of the Self-employed Households

Mi Kyeong Bae, Sherman Hanna, Eunyoung Baek

Health, Financial Well-being, and Financial Practices of Financially Distressed Consumers

Barbara O’Neill, Benoit Sorhaindo, Jing Jian Xiao, E. Thomas Garman

Individual Development Account Financial Education Program

Barbara O’Neill

Negative Health Effects of Financial Stress

Barbara O’Neill, Benoit Sorhaindo, Jing Jian Xiao, E. Thomas Garman

Small Steps to Health and Wealth

Barbara O’Neill

Purchase Intentions among University Students In Malaysia Receiving Student Loans

Laily Paim, Jariah Masud, Sharifah Azizah Haron, Sonya Britt

Will Adoption and Life Events among Older Households

Lance Palmer, Vibha Bhargava, Gong-Soog Hong

Understanding Mutual Fund and Stock Investors

Pingping Han, Sharon A. DeVaney

Consumer Culture in North Korea: The Cosmetic Usage Patterns and the Meaning of Make-Up in North Korea

Kee Choon Rhee, Jong-Youn Rha, Kyungmi Paek

Influences on Health Care of Children in Iowa: A Preview

Carol B. Roskey, Sue Crull

Consumer Socialization among College Students In Malaysia

Mohamad Fazli Sabri, Jariah Masud, Laily Paim

Ethnic Differences in Predictors of Health Care Use among Low-income, Rural Women

Sharon B. Seiling, Karen Varcoe, Zana Devitto, Eun-Jin Kim

Health Care Use, Insurance Coverage and Employment of Low-Income Rural Families

Sharon B. Seiling

Mothers’ Share of Child Care in Rural Low-Income Families

Jiwon Seo, Kathryn Stafford, Sharon B. Seiling

Stability of Employment of Rural Low-Income Mothers and Their Access to Employer Benefits

Sharon Seiling, Elizabeth M. Dolan, Sheila Mammen, Jean Bauer

Balance Sheet Changes among Pre-retirement Cohorts during the 1990s: How Do Boomers Compare?

Deanna L. Sharpe, Sandra J. Huston, Michael S. Finke

Economic Status of Grandparent Headed Households Before and at Time of Acquiring a Co-Resident Grandchild

Deanna L. Sharpe, Tammy M. Weise, Teresa M. Cooney

Food Stamp Participation among Older Americans Pre- and Post-Welfare Reform

Deanna L. Sharpe, Eun-Young Choi

Transition to Poverty among the Elderly: Evidence from the Health and Retirement Study

Deanna L. Sharpe, Eun-Young Choi

The Effects of Financial Knowledge and Financial Management in Objective and Subjective Financial Satisfaction

Se-Jeong Yang, Dongpil Cho

Wife-Husband Role Division in Household Financial Management: Comparing Dual- and Single-Income Households

Se-Jeong Yang, Eun-Hwa Lee

The Relationship of Family Communication Patterns to Teenagers’ Attitudes toward Online Privacy


Consumptions of Urban and Rural Households in China: Current Status and Policy Recommendations

Jianrui Wang

A Profile of the Older Working Poor

Yoon G. Lee, William T. Gallo, Sin-How Lim, Hsun-Mei Teng

Baby Boomers and Housing Down Payment Sources

Yoon G. Lee, Bonny C. Llewellyn

On Whether and Why People Leave Bequests in the United States

Yoon G. Lee, Charles Yuji Horioka

The Role of Real Estate Investments in Retirement Planning

Miguel Fernandez, Yoon G. Lee

Looking Beyond Retirement: Patterns and Predictors of End of Life Planning among Retirement Age Individuals

Yung-ting Su

Does Smoking Have a Causal Effect on Weight Reduction?

Zhuo Chen, Steven T. Yen, David B. Eastwood

Quality of Life and Use of Human Services among Households

Baomei Zhao, Claudia J. Heath, Raymond E. Forgue

The Impact of Debt on Retirement

Dan Zhu, Charles B. Hatcher