Consumer Interests Annual - Volume 69, 2023

Edited by Pan-Ju Chen, Assistant Professor, University of Alabama

2023 Panel: ACCI Then and Now - Soo Hyun Cho, Sharon A DeVaney

A Loan at Any Cost: Obtaining High-Interest Loans and the Roles of Financial Literacy, Financial Hardship; and the Dilemma of Minority Racial/Ethnic Groups - Youngjoo Choung, Swarn Chatterjee, Jinhee Kim, Yingyi (Tracy) Liu

Clock-Out: What Explains “Quiet Quitting” in Financial Services? - Rebecca Henderson, Jennifer Lehman, Aman Sunder

Consumer Experiences During the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Relationship Between Access to, and Capacity to Use, Digital Financial Products and Financial Well-being - Carling M. Baxter, Matthew M. Young, Stacy Yanchuk Oleksy

Consumer Self-determination and Psychological Well-being in Sustainable Consumption - Hyesun Hwang, Harim Yeo, Eunbi Kang

Difficult Economic Times, Tax Credit Eligibility, and Financial Hardship - Vivekananda Das

Disability and Utilization of Telehealth and Traditional Medical Care Services Among Older Americans During the COVID-19 Pandemic - Shinae L. Choi, Deborah Carr, Eun Ha Namkung

Does it Help to be Concerned? Exploring the Association Between Worry About Investment Fraud and Investing Behavior - Jing Jian Xiao, Robert Mascio, James McDowell, Gary Mottola

Either you control social media or social media controls you: Understanding the impact of self-control on excessive social media use from the dual-system perspective Kseniia Zahrai, Ekant Veer, Paul William Ballantine, Huibert Peter de Vries, Girish Prayag

Ethics in Unethical Buying? Understanding Cultural Motives for Counterfeit Purchase Behavior - Soo Hyun Cho, Myung Sook Bae

Evaluating the reduction effect of Food Loss and Waste initiatives in the bio-food supply chain - Cloutier, Jacinthe, Afif, Karima, Roy, Marie-Claude

Family Lifecycle Stage and Consumer Debt among Homeowners and Renters - Juhui Ko, Sherman D. Hanna, Kyoung Tae Kim

Financial Hardship, Financial Advice Seeking, and Mental Health During COVID-19 - Isha Chawla, Jinhee Kim, Swarn Chatterjee, Sae Chung

Financial Knowledge and Confidence: A Methods Analysis - Brenda J. Cude, Robin Henager, Lu Fan

Financial Literacy, Financial Inclusion, and Objective Financial Situation in México - Osvaldo García-Mata, Mariana Zerón-Félix

Financial Self-regulation: How Does Expense-Tracking Inform Financial Behaviors? - Yiling Zhang, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Financial Skill in the U.S. Adult Population: Measuring the Determinants Using A Truncated Regression Model - Nasima Khatun, Donald J. Lacombe

Gender and Financial Identity as Predictors of the Saving Behavior of Emerging Adults - Terhi-Anna Wilska, Jussi Nyrhinen

Impact of Homeownership Status and Debt on Financial Satisfaction Among Young Adults - Yoon Lee, Jessica Ralphs, Jennifer Whiteley, Heather Kelley

Mental Illness Status and Gender Differences in the Naturalistic Expressions on Student Loan Debts on Twitter - Gaurav R. Sinha, Christopher R. Larrison, Ian Brooks, Genevieve Graaf, Jeffery Lacasse

On-Time Student Loan Repayment: The Role of Consumer Financial Behavior, Financial Education, and Financial Knowledge - Gloria Preece, Steve Cox

Optimism, Financial Trust, Resilience, and Life Satisfaction during COVID-19 Pandemic - Timothy S. Griesdorn, Sharon A. DeVaney, Soo Hyun Cho, Sae Rom Chung

Perception VS. The Reality of Financial Situation: The Role of Personality Traits - Olamide Olajide, Sarah Asebedo, Donald Lacombe, Todd Little

Racial Disparities in Charitable Giving: Evidence from Health Retirement Study - Di Qing, Ying Yan, Russell N. James III, Corey Cole

Racial Disparities in Cryptocurrency: Diversity or Bias? - Di Qing, Ying Chen, Blain Pearson, Weihong Ning

Subjective Health Status and Annuity Participation - Blain Pearson, Thomas Korankye, Di Qing

The Effect of Education on Financial Assets Holdings between Urban and Rural Households - Kiet Tuan Le, Lien Nguyen

The Effect of High School Financial Education Mandates on Future Educational Debt Outcomes - Jack Kroger

The Effect of Parental Illness on Children's High School GPA - Malika Dhakhwa, Patryk Babiarz

The Impact of the Earned Income Tax Credit on Young Adults’ Educational Outcomes and Student Debt - Hofner Rusiana, Patryk Babiarz

Time-Based Measures of Food Access: How Do They Compare to Location-Based Measures? - Yunhee Chang