Consumer Interests Annual 2008

Main Speakers: 

Esther Peterson Consumer Policy Forum 

World Oil Markets: Implications for Consumers, Producers, and the World Economy

James Hamilton, University of California, San Diego

The Subprime Meltdown and Implications for Consumers

"Some Facts About the Subprime Crisis" 

Paul Willen, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston 

 The Subprime Mortgage Crisis from the Consumer's Perspective" 

J. Michael Collins, University of Wisconsin at Madison

 Coston E. Warne Lecture

 "Nutrition and the Politics of Food" 

Michael F. Jacobson, Center for Science in Public Interest

 To Infinity and Beyond! A Box Luncheon and Showcase of Policy-Making Research 

"Reflections on Moving Poverty Research to Policy" 

Cynthia Needles Fletcher, Iowa State University 


 "Rent to Own Example- Consumer Issues"

Seth Lesser, Lock Law Office 

 "How Policy Research Differs from Academic and Industry Research"

Alan Levy, Food and Drug Administration


 "When Does Economic Research Influence Public Policy? Lessons Learned from Two Decades at the Federal Trade Commission" 

Jan Pappalardo, Federal Trade Commission 

 Aging in America

Motivation of Intergenerational Caregiving Transfers 

Won Ah Yoon & Angela Lyons, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

 Bequest Motive, Cognitive Ability, and Stock Ownership Among the Elderly: Evidence from the Health and Retirement Study 

Eun-Jin Kim, Tarleton State University

Sherman Hanna, The Ohio State University 

 Does Financial Status Affect Health Status in Later Life? Evidence from the Health and Retirement Study

Eun-Jin Kim, Tarleton State University 

Sharon Seiling, The Ohio State University 

 Consumers and Financial Risk 

 An Estimate of the Reliability of the Survey of Consumer Finances Risk-Tolerance Question

John Grable, Kansas State University and Walter Schumm, Kansas State University 


 The Effect of Financial Goal and Wealth Level on Risk Tolerance: An Experimental Investigation 

Yi Cai, California State University - Northridge & Yali Yang 


 A Qualitative Analysis of Coping Strategies for Financial Losses After a Natural Disaster 

Linda Bradley and Raymond Forgue, University of Kentucky 

 Credit and Delinquency 

 Credit Crunched? The Relationship between Credit Denials and Use of Alternative Financial Institutions

Jeff Dew, The University of Virginia 


 Credit Scores as a Predictor of Manufactured Housing Delinquency 

Jane Kolodinsky & Erin Roche, University of Vermont 


 Racial /Ethnic Patterns in Credit Delinquency 

Jonghee Lee & Sherman Hanna, The Ohio State University 

 Economics of Health 

 Health Problems and Reallocation of Living Expenditures Among Older Adults 

Hyungsoo Kim, University of Kentucky, Michitoshi Yamaguchi, University of Kyoto & Research Fellow of the Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS)

 Determinants of Elderly Obesity in Urban, Suburban and Rural Communities 

Mei-Chi Fang & Robert Scharff, The Ohio State University 

Demand for Complementary and Alternative Medicine 

Vibha Bhargava, Gong-Soog Hong, & Catherine Montalto, The Ohio State University 


 Wealth Accumulation Differences Between Entrepreneurial and Wage-earning Families: The Role of Active Saving Behavior 

Emilian Siman & Deanna Sharpe, University of Missouri-Columbia 

The Impact of Access to Alternative Financing on the Economic Self-Sufficiency of Low-Income Micro-entrepreneurs 

Michele Schmidt & Jane Kolodinsky,  University of Vermont 

Ethnicity Issues in Finance

 Racial /Ethnic Differences in the Risk Aversion Measure of the 2004 Health and Retirement Study 

Mei-Chi Fang & Sherman Hanna, The Ohio State University 


 The Decrease in Minority Stock Ownership

Suzanne Lindamood, Ohio Legislative Service Commission

Sherman Hanna, The Ohio State University 

Financial Education

 Personal Financial Knowledge among College Students: Associations between Individual Characteristics and Scores on an Experimental Measure of Financial Knowledge

Cliff Robb, University of Alabama 

Russell James, University of Georgia 

 The Bold and the Bankable: How the Nuestro Barrio Telenovela Reaches Latino Immigrants with Financial Education 

Jonathan Spader & Janneke Ratcliffe, Center for Community Capital - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Jorge Montoya - Sentient Rsearch, Peter Skillem - Community Reinvestment Association of North Carolina 

 Food Expenditures 

Cohort Effects of Household Expenditures on Food Away from Home 

Hua Zan, The Ohio State University 

Jessie Fan, University of Utah 


 Consumer Acceptance and Willingness to Pay for Blueberry Products with Non-Conventional Attributes 

Wuyang Hu, Timothy Woods, and Sandra Bastin - University of Kentucky 


 Food Consumption Behavior in Uganda: A Censored Regression Analysis Using Micro-data 

Gilbert Werema, Wayland Baptist University 

Jack Houston & Brenda Cude, University of Georgia 

 Human Capital 

 How does human capital affect the decision to work in later life? 

Susan Brown & Yoon Lee, Utah State University 


Is Human Capital an Insurance Policy for Women Who Experience Divorce? 

Kimberly Bridges, Sandra Huston, and Michael Finke, Texas Tech University 

 Information and Regulation 

Advertising and Its Critics: Consumer Activism during the Second World War

Inger Stole, University of Illinois 

 Toward an Internationally Comparative Measure of Consumer Policy 

Robert Mayer & Daniel Duersch, University of Utah 

  Finding the information you need: The role of self-confidence in consumer information search

Caezili Loibl, Soo Hyun Cho, Florian Diekmann, & Marv Batte, The Ohio State University 

 Savings and Wealth 

 Determinants of Household Savings Practices 

Yoonkyung Yuh, Ewha Womens University 

Sherman Hanna, The Ohio State University 


 The Impact of College Financial Aid Rules on Household Portfolio Choice

Patryk Babiarz & Tansel Yilmazer, Purdue University 

 Variation of the Capital Accumulation Ratio and Wealth 

Nathan Harness and Swarm Chatterjee, University of Georgia 

Michael Finke, Texas Tech University 

 Student Financial Education 

 Mandating financial education in high schools: Are the teachers ready? 

Caezilia Loibl, The Ohio State University 

 Comparing Teacher Education and Finance Majors' Agreement with Financial Morality Topics 

Thomas Lucey & Alan Bates, Illinois State University 

 Transfer Payments and Policy 

 Do Food Stamps Improve Household Food Security? Results from a National Sample of Food Pantry Clients

Patricia Duffy, Auburn University 


 Child Support Across State Lines: Distance, Interstate Enforcement and Welfare Refrom

Yunhee Change, University of Mississippi

Elizabeth Powers & Andrea Beller, University of Illinois at Urbana-Chmpaign 

 Bringing New Data to the Table on the Energy Balance Question (Special Session) (Monday, July 28, 4-5:30 p.m.) 

Examining Food Expenditures Using the Consumer Expenditure Diary Survey 

Geoffrey Paulin, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 


Collecting Data on Eating Patterns, Obesity Risk, and Food Access: The Eating and Health Module 

Karen Hamrick, Margaret Andrews, and Joanne Guthrie, Economic Research Service, USDA


What Can We Learn About Energy Balance from the American Time Use Survey?

Dori Allard, Marianne Janes, Rachel Krantz-Kent, and Jill Lacey, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


Alternative Data Sources for Assessing Local Food Environments

Jessie Fan, Ikuho Yamada, Barbara Brown, Lori Kowaleski-Jones, Ken Smith, and Cathleen Zick, University of Utah

 Consumer Protections in the Sale of Annuity Products: Challenges, Approaches, and Lessons Learned (Special Session) 

Geroge Gaberlavage, AARP Public Policy Institute, Larry Kirsch, IMR Health Economics, and Ryan Wilson, AARP Public Policy Institute 

 Hard Hitting and Well Informed: A Conversation Between Food Safety Policy Advocates and Researchers (Joint Session with AAEA Food Safety and Nutrition Section) 

Food Safety: USDA and FDA Policies Toward Bacterial Contamination in Meat 

Chris Waldrop, Consumer Federation of America 


University-Based Agricultural Economist's Perspective on Food Safety Research Needs and Prospects

Victoria Salin, Texas A&M University 


New Food Production Technologies- New Risks

Michael Hansen, Consumers Union


 A University-Based Consumer Economist Responds to the Food Safety Research Agenda on New Food Production Technologies 

Jane Kolodinsky, University of Vermont 

 Managing Farm and Farm Household Financial Risk (Joint Session with the AAEA Extension Section) 

 Farm Family Consumption and Investment Patterns: Relationships to Farm and Non-Farm Income 

Paul Ellinger, University of Illinois 


 Household Perspective

John Grable, Kansas State University 


 Extension Example

Tim Eggers, Iowa State University Extension 

 Success and Management: A Family Business Perspective (Joint Session with AAEA Agribusiness Economics and Management Section) 

 Characteristics of Successful Family Businesses: A longitudinal approach using the National Family Business Study 

Yoon Lee, Utah State University 

 Farm and Non-Farm Family Business Management Strategies 

Maria Marshall, Purdue University 

 An Analysis of Successful Farm Family Businesses 

Christine Wilson, Purdue University 

 The Impact of Natural Disasters on Family Businesses 

George Haynes, Montana State University 

 Weighing the Relative Contribution of Time Use in the Energy Balance Equation: Implications for the Risk of Obesity (Joint Session with the AAEA Food Safety Nutrition Section)

Does better geographic access to food influence diet and health outcomes? Results from the Louisiana Neighborhood Environment and Consumption Study

Diego Rose, Tulane University 

 Childhood Obesity: Does the quality of parental time matter? 

George Davis, Virginia Polytechnic University 


 Obesity and Time Use- A First Look Using ATUS Data

Jane Kolodinsky, University of Vermont 

 Running to the store? The relationship between neighborhood food environments and the risk of obesity

Cathleen Zick, Ken Smith, Jessie Fan, Barbara Brown, Ikuho Yamada, and Lori Kowaleski-Jones, University of Utah 


 Post-Disaster Recovery and Rebuilding: A Consumer Perspective 

Chuanlan Liu, Frances Lawrence, William Black, Mousumi Bose, Yana Kuzmina, Mazem Jaber, Sandeep Bhowmick, and Anna Green, Louisiana State University 


 Employment Patterns, Family Resources, and Perception: Examining Depression Symptoms among Rural Low-Income Mothers

Yoshie Sano, Washington State University-Vancouver; Elizabeth Dolan, University of Family Studies; Leslie Richard, Oregon State University; Jean Bauer University of Minnesota; Bonnie Braun, University of Maryland. 


 Financial Behavior and Problems among College Students in Malaysia: Research and Education Implication

Mohamad Fazli Sabri, Iowa State University; Jariah Masud, University Putra Malaysia; Tahira K. Hira and Maurice MacDonald, Iowa State University; Laily Paim, University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia


 Communication among parents and youth about savings and investments: Impact of Parents' Marital Status 

Teresa Mauldin, Michael Rupured, Yoko Mimura, Joan Koonce, and Mary Jane Kabaci, University of Georgia


 Banana Fibers as a By Product of Agro Waste: Raw Source of Material for Paper and Handicrafts 

Naimah Salleh, Aziah Hashim, Rasmina Halis, and Jariah Masud, University of Putra Malaysia


 To What Extent Do Households Practice Economizing Behavior to Cope with Price Increase?: An Analysis of Household Expenditure

Laily Paim, Sharifah Haron, Shamsul Badari, Jariah Masud, University of Putra Malaysia 


 The Choice of Self-employment and the Role of Risk Tolerance

Jaimie Sung, Korea University of Technology and Education and Zooyob Anne, Korea Labor Institute


 Financial Well-Being among College Students in Malaysia: Needs for Financial Education

Mohammad Fazli Sabri, Iowa State University; Jariah Masud, and Laily Paim, University of Putra Malaysia; and Maurice MacDonald, Iowa State University


 Consumer Views on the Biofuel Industry: Does Proximity Matter? 

Cynthia Fletcher, Craig Gundersen, Michael LArsen, and Sarah Nusser, Iowa State University 


 Exploring the Relationship between Financial Behaviors and Financial Distress/Financial Well-Being of College Students 

Zeynep Copur and Michael Gutter, University of Florida; Joseph Eisen and Wendy Way, University of Wisconsin-Madison 


E-Banking in the 21st Century - Is the Digital Divide Still Out There? A Detailed Abstract

Jeanne Hogarth and Catherine Bell, Federal Reserve Board; Jane Kolodinsky, University of Vermont 


The Good, The Bad, The Changed: Financial Management Behaviors of Young Enlisted Soldiers and the Effect of Financial Education - A detailed abstract

Catherine Bell, Daniel Gorin and Jeanne Hogarth, Federal Reserve Board


 Having Mom and Dad Pay for College: Financial Advantage or Disadvantage? 

Sheri Worthy, Mississippi State University; Lynn Blinn-Pike, Indiana University-Purdue University; Jeffrey Jonkman, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences 


 Personal Financial Wellness among Malaysian Employees: Socio Demographic Comparison

Mohamad Fazli Sabri, Jariah Masud, and Karen Lai Kai Lin, University Putra Malaysia


 Factors that Affect the Financial Risk Tolerance of Chinese Households in the U.S. 

Rui Yao, Wiming Ke, and Liz Gorham, South Dakota State University 


Personality and Empowerment among Older Consumers: Purchase of Health and Health Care Products

Laily Paim Sharifah Haron, and Norfairani Ahmad, University Putra Malaysia


 Economic and Psychological Determinants of Savings Behavior: A Conceptual Model

Michael Gutter, University of Florida; Joseph Eisen and Wendy Way, University of Wisconsin-Madison


The Confidence in Understandings of Retirement Concepts among PreService Teachers

Thomas Lucey and Edgar Norton, Illinois State University 


 The Promotion of a Smoke-Free Campus

Yoon-Na Cho and Sharon DeVaney, Purdue University 


 The Effect of Campus Shootings on the Quality of Graduate Students' College Experiences 

Leann Rutherford and Sharon DeVaney, Purdue University 


 Impact of gender on keeping-personal-account-book experience for university students in Japan

Junko Shigekawa, Saitama University 


Cultivating eXtension Communities of Practice 

Judy Branch, University of Vermont


 Teaching food safety to children: An after school-based program

Wendy Reiboldt, CSULB; Diane Carson, TAMU


 Uncertain Health Expenditures and Precautionary Savings: Evidence from the Health and Retirement Study 

Robert Scharff, The Ohio State University; Tansel Yilmazer, Purdue University


 Use of E-Banking: The Impacts of Time and Technological Affinity

Jane Kolodinsky, University of Vermont; Jeanne Hogarth, Federal Reserve Board