Consumer Interests Annual 1990

"Consumer Issues of the Elderly"
Marilyn Moon - The Urban Institute

"The Relationship Between Perceived Life Satisfaction and Measures of Economic Well- Being"
Robin A. Douthitt, Maurice MacDonald and Randolph Mullis - University of Wisconsin

"Quality of Life of Middle-Aged Women: The Effects of Family Resources and Demands"
Rosemary Walker, Meesok Lee, Margaret Bubolz and Dennis Keefe - Michigan State University

"Determinants of the Use of Low-Flow Fixtures in Apartments in an Arid Climate"
Molly Longstreth and R. Bruce Billings - University of Arizona

"Quality of Life"
Charles B. Hennon - Miami University

"Trading Blocks and the Consumer Interest: Prospects for the EC in 1992"
Rachel Dardis - University of Maryland

"An Outsider 's Guide to 1992: Consumer Protection and Standards"
Robert Kerton - University of Waterloo

"Research Data Priorities As Assessed by Users: Results from A Survey"
Wen s. Chern, Leroy J. Husbak and Luther Tweeten-The Ohio State University

"New Directions in Data, Information Systems and Their Uses: Consumer Demand, Consumption, and Prices"
Kathryn Stafford - The Ohio State University
Richard C. Haidacher - U.S. Department of Agriculture

"The Household Production Function: Data and Estimation Problems"
W. Ketih Brayant - Cornell University

"Income Equivalence Calculations for Divorce Decisions"
Kathryn Rettig, Donna Hendrickson Christianson, and Carla M. Dahl - University of Minnesota

"The Consumers Unions of the World: How Great is Their Influence"
Rhoda H. Karpatkin- Consumers Union of the U.S., Inc

"Successful Partnerships in Consumer Education"
Irene K. Williamson - National Coalition for Consumer Education

"The Relationship Between Food Groups and Nutrients Using Canonical Correlation: Households in Puerto Rico"
Hama and P. Peter Basiotis - U.S.Department of Agriculture

"Are We Estimating a Life Cycle Model or an Error Correction Model?"
Manouchehr Mokhtari  - The University of Maryland

"U.S. Clothing Expenditures: A Time Series Analysis,1929 - 1987"
Pamela S. Norum - University of Missouri-Columbia

"Issues Related to Consumption: Discussion"
Helen H. Jenson - Iowa State University

"Attorneys in the Small Claims Court Process: Help or Hindrance ?"
Patricia A. Bonner - U.S. Consumer Informat ion Center

"The Housing Consumer, Social Justice and the New Law Against Familal Status Discrimination: A Discussion"
Barbara M. DeLuca and John F. Quinn - University of Dayton

"The Effects of Background Characteristics of Judges and Attorneys on Decision Making in Domestic Relations Court: An Analysis of Child Support Awards"
Walter L. Ellis - University of New Hampshire

"Familial Status Discrimination : A Discussion"
Barbara Heinzerling - University of Akron

"The Influence of the Consumer Unions: The Consumer Economics Viewpoint (sort of)"
Robert N. Mayer - University of Utah

"Gauging the Influence of the Consumers Unions of the World: Views of a Consumer Economist"
E. Scott Maynes - Cornell University

"The Influence of a Consumers Union: The Association Des Consommateurs of Belgium"
Ir. A. deWasch - Technical Director, Association des Consommateurs, Brussels

"Analysis of Health Care Expenditures with Family Income and Life Cycle Stage"
Daigh Tufts - The University of Utah

"Characteristics of Users of Five Consumer Shopping Styles"
Norleen M. Ackerman and Leona K. Hawks - Utah State University

"Teenagers Work Experience"
Maria E. Canabel and Debra Larson - Illinois State University

"Identifying Caregiver Skills"
June Field Conway - Northeast Louisiana University
Lillian Chenoweth - Texas Woman's University

"Consumer Messages to Congress: A Historical Record"
Elizabeth M. Dolan - University of New Hampshire

"A Prototype for Expert Systems Software for Retirement"
Sherman Hanna - The Ohio State University

"Couples Decision Involvement"
Leona K. Hawks, Norleen M. Ackerman - Utah State University

"Teaching and Learning About Social Insurance"
John P. Knapp - Eastern Michigan University

"Comparisons of Extension Home Economist s ' Perceived Competency in Family and Consumer Economics"
Debra Pankov and Margaret Fitzgerald - North Dakota State University
Chris Koehler - Washington State University

"Characteristics of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petitions in Louisiana"
Bonnie C. Cooper, Frances C. Lawrence, Michael F. Burnett and Carolyn G. Carter - Louisiana State University

"Low and Moderate Income Consumers With and Without Checking Accounts: A Comparison"
Irene E. Leech and Elaine D. Scott - Virginia Tech.
Jean Ann Fox - Virginia Consumers Council

"The Evolution of a Survey in a Rapidly Changing Arena : The Economic Impact of AIDS on Households"
Mary Ellen Rider McRee and Richard Widdows - Purdue University

"Child Support Settlements: A Comparison Between 1973 and 1985"
Wendy L. Rieboldt - The Ohio State University

"Money in Music: An Innovative Teaching Approach"
Elizabeth Scannell - University of Vermont

"Dollarwise--A Board Game"
KateyWalker and Joyce E. Jones - Kanasa State University

"Living Resourcefully--Part of the Consumer and Lifestyle Decision-Making Initiative"
Katey Walker and Joyce E. Jones - Kansas State University

"How Should Health Claims for Foods Be Regulated? Summary of an Economic Perspective"
Janis K. Pappalardo - Federal Trade Commission
Jack E. Calfee - University of Maryland

"Recent Public Education Efforts About Health and Diet"
Alan S. Levy - Food and Drug Administration
James T. Heimbach - U.S. Department of Agriculture

"Health Claims in Advertising: A Discussion"
Shelley I. White-Means - Memphis State University

"Predicting Consumer Complaints: A Step Forward"
Jane Kolodinsky - University of Vermont

"Auto Repair Service Provider Perceptions of Consumers' Attitudes: Satisfaction, Quality and Selection Criteria"
Howard G. Schutz, Katherine V. Diaz- Knauf and Debra S. Judge - University of California-Davis

"Is There a Regional Effect in the Diffusion of Consumer Advocacy Offices Before State Regulatory Commissions?"
Marlaya Hirsch Wyncott and Richard Widdows - Purdue University

"International Consumerism and the Code of Conduct"
Esther Peterson - United Nations Representative to IOCU

"Labor Supply and the AFDC Child Care Subsidy: An Economic Analysis"
Jutta M. Joesch - University of Utah

"Child Support Reform and Noncustodial ' s Labor Supply"
Maurice MacDonald - University of Wisconsin

"The Shadow Price of Time: An Empirical Model Incorporating Involuntary Unemployment"
Yan Wang - The World Bank

"Comments on the Papers by Joesch, MacDonald and McMahon"
Daniel Mont - Cornell University

"Reaching and Teaching the Low Income Consumer" (Workshop Summary)
Jane Schuchardt - U.S. Department of Agriculture
Julia A. Marlowe - University of Georgia
Louise Parker - Washington State University
Claudette L. Smith - North Carolina A&T University

"Age Related Changes in Expenditures"
Young Sook Chung and Frances M. Magrabi - University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana

"The Joint Impact of Retirement and Widow(er)hood: Is There Double Jeopardy?"
Karen C. Holden - University of Wisconsin

"The Allocation of Labor to Informal Health production:Health Care for the Elderly, If Time Permits"
Shelly I. White-Means - Memphis State University

"Discussion: The Economic Well-Being of the Elderly"
Barbara J. Phipps - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaignl

"Consumer Education in the 1990's"
Bonnie Guiton - Special Assistant to the President for Consumer Affairs

"A Methodology for Integrating Household Survey Data in to a National Accounts Framework"
Guadalupe Espinosa - United Nations Statistical Office

"The Hierarchy of Consumer Participation as a Blueprint for Segmenting Consumer Strategies"
Drew Hyman and John Shingler - Pennsylvania State University

"The Economics Of Status: How Relative Deprivation Affects The Demand For Apparel"
Horacio Soberon-Ferrer - The University of Maryland

"Time Constraints and Consumer Decision-Making: An Examination of the Conditional Effect of Time Pressure"
Rex Warland, Robert O. Herrmann and Cathy Kassab - Pennsylvania State University

"Discussion: Factors Affecting Consumer Decision-Making"
Jane Kolodinsky , Ph.D.

"Flexible Spending Accounts: Economic and Non-Economic Participation Factors"
Vickie L. Hampton, Karrol A. Kitt and sue Alexander Greninger - University of Texas at Austin

"Inflation and the Calculation of Life Insurance Needs"
Michael L. Walden - North Carolina State University

"The Default Risk of Adjustable Rate Mortgages: A Preliminary Assessment of t he Empirical Evidence"
Peter M. Zorn - Cornell University

"Financial Management Issues"
Mary Ellen Rider McRee , Purdue University

"Emerging Consumer Issues in the 1990's"
Lee Richardson - The University of Baltimore

"The European Common Market in 1992: Friend or Foe of Consumers"
E. Thomas Garman - Virginia Polytechnic Insitiute

"Emerging Consumer Issue in the 1990's: Auto Insurance"
Joel Rudd - University of Arizona

"The Changing Social Environment of Consumer Choice"
Robert O. Herrmann - Pennsylvania State University

"Emerging Consumer Issues in the 1990's"
Camille Haney - The Haney Group
Lee Richardson, D.B.A. - University of Baltimore

"Development of Expert System Software for Consumers"
Sherman Hanna - The Ohio State University

"Middleyear Children as Consumers"
Barbara M. Heinzerling, J.D.

"Outcomes Assessment of Undergraduate Consumer Programs"
Carole J. Makela - Colorado State University

"Changes in Students' Perceptions Toward Student Loan Indebtedness from Freshman to Senior Year"
M.M. (Peggy) Whan and Sheila Mammen - University of Massachusetts

"Findings of the ACCI Member Survey"
Jane Schuchardt - U.S. Department of Agriculture

"The Generational Equity Debate"
Marlene S. Stum - University of Minnesota

"State Oriented Shelf Labels: A Preliminary Analysis of Their Effects on Food Purchases"
David B. Eastwood, Morgan D. Gray, John R. Brooker and Kent L. Wolfe - University of Tennessee

"Acceptance of Products for Television Advertising"
Herbert J. Rotfeld, Avery M. Abernathy and Daniel D. Butler - Auburn University

"Vehicles for Reform in the Automobile Insurance Market"
Robert N. Mayer, Cathleen D. Zick, John R. Burton - University of Utah

"The Public and Private Regulatory Environment: Discussion"
Karen F. Stein - University of Delaware

"Female Baby Boomers- -Saving Over Time"
Ann Coulson - Kansas State University

"Retirement Savings of Baby Boomers and an Earlier Cohort: 1960 and 1983"
Sharon A. Burns - The Ohio State University

"Rural Families and Their Economic Well - being: Procedures, Methods and Conceptual Model of North Central Regional Project NC-182"
Jean W. Bauer - University of Minnesota

"Rural Communities: Profiles and Perceptions of Illinois Residents"
Jeanne L. Hafstrom and Vicki Fitzsimmons - University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana

"Rural California Households--A Profile"
Karen F. Varcoe - University of California, Riverside

"Arizona Rural Counties: A Profile"
Mari S. Wilhelm - University of Arizona

"Sustaining/Growing and Declining Rural Areas in Michigan:Perceived Impact on Residents"
Dennis Keefe, Rosemary Walker, Connie Kratzer and Elena Avila - Michigan State University

"Residents in Economically Gaining and Declining Rural Communities and Their Perception of Changes in Community and Impact on Household's Financial Situation"
Tahira K. Hira - Iowa State University

"Meet the Professionals: How to Get Your First Job A Summary of the Session"
Jane Kolodinsky, Ph.D.

"The Consumer Movement in the 1990s: Implications for Research"
Stephen Brobeck - Consumer Federation of America

"Consumer Affairs in the Nineties: Implications for Education and Research"
Peggy H. Haney - American Express Company