Consumer Interests Annual 2000, Volume 46

46th Annual Conference of the American Council on Consumer Interests. March 22-25, 2000. San Antonio, TX. 

Refereed Papers

Health Related Issues in Food Consumption

Economically Disadvantaged: Some Consequences of a Market System 
Savings, Wealth, and Retirement: A U.S. Perspective
Consumption and Wealth in the Pacific Rim: South Korea and China 
Long-Run Consumption Patterns
  • U.S. Clothing Expenditures: A Closer Look - Sheng-shyr Cheng
  • Employment "Cycles" of Married Women - Sheng-shyr Cheng
  • Absolute and Relative Income and Consumption Trends of Married U.S. Households in 1960 and 1996. Or, The Cleavers and Kramdens Meet the Taylors and Conners - Michael L. Walden 
Marketing Issues in Food Consumption
The Economics of Consumer Information
Alternative Models of Decision Making
Multidisciplinary Models of Consumer Behavior 
Does the Market System Fail? The Cases of Electricity Deregulation, Healthcare, and Substance Abuse
Invited Sessions, Panels, and Workshops 
New and Improved: A Discussion of electricity Deregulation, Health Care, and Sustance Abuse 
New Dimension of Consumer Fraud 
Refereed Poster Sessions