Consumer Interests Annual - Volume 60, 2014

Edited by Karen A. Duncan, Associate Professor, University of Manitoba


  • ACA and Consumers: How and Why this Matters for Researchers? - Riportella
  • Esther Peterson Lecture - The Past and Future Evolution of Consumer Advocacy - Brobeck
  • Keynote: Human Ecology for the 21st Century: Leading to Solve Big Problems for Real People - Shim


  • Age and Financial Capability: Implications for Lifespan Financial Education - Xiao, Chen, Sun
  • Consumer Wealth Effects in Stock and Housing Markets - Worthington, Higgs
  • Disconnect Between Parents' Attitudes about Savings and Savings Behavior - Cheang, Masuo
  • Do Education and Income Affect the Likelihood of Healthy Eating among Low-Income African-American Households? - Scott
  • Do Food Assistance Programs Encourage More Fruit and Vegetable Intake? A Household Survey in the Northern Great Plains - Chang, Zastrow, Zdorovtsov, Quast, Skjonsberg, Stluka
  • Does Race Matter for the Bank Account Ownership of Young People? - Kim, Kim, Moon
  • Educating Consumers Through Social Media - Hess
  • Family-Owned Businesses: The Family as a Producer and Consumer - Haynes, Muske, Fitzgerald, Lee
  • Financial Education, Financial Literacy and Financial Satisfaction - Henager-Greene, Anong
  • Financial Literacy and Credit Card Behavior in an Emerging Economy: Evidence from Urban China - Meng, Xiao
  • Formal and Informal Food Assistance: Differences Between Non-metro and Metro Households in 2005 and 2010 Nielsen, Wilmarth, Seay
  • How do People Treat Their Financial Difficulties and Recover Their Economic Situation in Japan? - Junko Shigekaw
  • How Money Worries are Affecting Older Couples’ Relationships? - Park, Kim
  • Improving Personal Financial Wellness with Worksite Education - Griesdorn, Werstein
  • Knowledge and Practice in Cash and Credit Behaviors Woodyard, Robb, Babiarz
  • Korean and Mexican Immigrant Entrepreneurs: Predictors of Business Success and Satisfaction - Lee, Haynes, Zachary
  • Korean Case Study on Promoting the Provision of Consumer-Related Public Data - Ji
  • Loans, Homes, and Retirement: A Study of Young Americans (NEFE Award Winner) - Letkiewicz, Heckman, Lim
  • Long Term Legacy: Long Term Care Insurance and Bequest Expectations among Older Americans - Dunn, Lee
  • Native American Consumer Perspectives: A Study of Household Assets and the Decision to Purchase Local Food Products -  Haynes
  • Risky Business: Not as Endearing Today as it was Thirty Years Ago - Robb, Babiarz, Woodyard, Seay
  • Saving for Future Health Expenditures:Evidence from the Health and Retirement Study - Scharff, Hong
  • The Impact of Diminished Housing Wealth on Health: Evidence from the Great Recession - Yimazer, Babiarz, Liu
  • The Long-Term Financial and Health Implications of Early Selection and Maintenance of an HSA-Eligible Health Insurance Plan - Duke, Cude
  • Using Monetary Loss Aversion to Assess Risk Tolerance Questionnaires - Guillemette, Yao


  • College Students and Identity Theft: Do Parents Matter? -  Lucas, Betz-Hamilton
  • Consumer Usage and Safety Consciousness: Focusing on Web Tissue for Infants - Yoo, Hwang
  • Do College Students' Financial Behaviors Portend Progress Toward Adult Self-sufficiency? - Serido, Ahn, Tang, Shim
  • Elder Financial Exploitation via Power of Attorney Abuse: An Analysis of In-Depth Interview Data from a Pilot Study - Vincenti, Betz-Hamilton, Browne, Goebel, Jasper
  • Food and Finance: The Relationship Between Nutritional and Financial Knowledge in Intertemporal Preferences - Rand Gustafson, Nicolini, Chang
  • Health Literacy and Health Status of Older Adults - Bhargava, Hong
  • Influence of Psychological Characteristics on Marital Happiness - Britt, Seay, Wilmarth
  • Older Women in the Labor Force: Does Human Capital Matter? - Lee
  • Professional Financial Advice, Self-control, and Saving Behaviors - Liu, Yilmazer, Loibl, Montalto
  • Social Security Rules and Divorce Decisions: A Regression Discontinuity Approach - Babiarz, Wilmarth
  • The Consumer Implications of Interest Rate Pass-Through in Retail Mortgages - Worthington, Xiang, Higgs
  • The Effect of Excessive Marketing on Consumers’ Stress and Their Awareness of Rights Infringement and Purchase Intention - Park, Yoo 
  • The Hazards of Passive Investments in Volatile Markets - Schink
  • Which Households Changed Their Risk Tolerance During the Great Recession? Evidence From the 2007-2009 SCF Panel Dataset - Kim
  • Women’s Retirement Needs Calculation and Personal Retirement Savings -Hsu, Leech