Consumer Interests Annual 2007

Recent Shifts in Determinants of Internet Banking Adopters: Empirical Evidence from 2001 and 2004 SCF: Babairz & DeVaney

Financial Strains and Depression among Elderly Women: Brown & Lee

Regret to Know? An Investigation of the Effect of Reference Prices on Consumers’ Emotions: Cai & Cude

Are Financial Education Programs Meeting the Needs of Financially Disadvantaged Consumers?: Chang & Lyons

Who Has Emergency Saving Goals?: Cho, Fang & Hanna

Get Financially Fit: A Financial Education Toolkit for College Campuses: Cude, Lawrence & Lyons

Attribute Framing in Former Price Comparison Advertisements: Devlin, Ennew, Mckechnie & Smith

Progress in Measuring Changes in Financial Distress and Financial Well-being as a Result of Financial Literacy Programs: Garman, MacDicken, Hunt, Shatwell, Haynes, Hanson, Hanson, Olson & Woehler

2007 Dissertation Award: A Five-nation Examination of Financial Risk Tolerance: Goetz

HOPE or No-HOPE: Merit-based College Scholarship Status and Financial Behaviors among College Students: Goetz, Mimura, Mehta & Cude

Measuring the Extent, Depth, and Severity of Food Insecurity: An Application to American Indians in the United States: Gundersen

An Examination of Customer Retention Behavior in Debt Management Program: Guo & Xiao

Chinese Urban Regional Differences in Patterns of Food Consumption: Gu, Sharpe & Abdel-Ghany

Changes in Stock Ownership by Race/Hispanic Status, 1998-2004: Hanna & Lindamood

Credit Constraints: The Effect of Race/Ethnic Group: Hanna & Lindamood

Unlocking the Risk-based Pricing Puzzle: Five Keys to Cutting Credit Card Costs: Hazembuller, Lombardi & Hogarth

Sensation-seeking and College Students’ Credit Card Debt: Huang & Weagley

Retirement Savings and Expenditure Patterns of Renters and Homeowners: Different Resources or Different Views?: James & Sharpe

Remittances and the Economic Well-being of Sudanese- and Vietnamese-Canadian Refugees: Johnson

Misperceived Financial Management Assistance Needs among the Elderly: Kim

No Pain, No Strain: Impact of Health on the Financial Security of Older Americans: Kim & Lyons

Financially Distressed Consumers’ Information Search for Retirement Plans: Kim, Sorhaindo & Kim

Financial Stress and Job Productivity: Evidence from Credit Counseling Clients: Kim & Sorhaindo & Kim

A Household Production Approach to Overweight: A Model and Preliminary Estimates: Kolodinsky & DeSisto

The Acculturation of Taiwanese Exchange Students in the United States: Lee, Bei & DeVaney

Attitudes toward Using Credit for Loss of Income: Lee & Hanna

How do Single Non-married Women Save for Retirement?: Lee & Rowley

The Levels of First Mortgage and Second Mortgage Debt among Near-retirees: Lee & Stokes

Changes in Characteristics of Adjustable-rate Mortgage Borrowers between 2001 and 2004: Li & Weagley

For Better or Worse: Financial Decision-making Behavior of Married Couples: Lyons, Neelakantan, Fava & Scherpf

Meeting Basic Consumption Needs: A Joint Examination of Food and Medical Care: Nielsen & Garasky

eXtension: A High Tech Resource for Improving Financial Security: ONeill, Schuchardt, Pankow, Porter, Seiling, Branch & Miller

Small Steps to Health and Wealth™: The Total Package: ONeill & Xiao

Examining a Model of Economic Well-being Based on Financial Ratios: Park & DeVaney

Consumer Expenditure Survey Data Interactive Workshop From Collection to Analysis: Meeting the Challenges of Changing Times: Paulin

Financial Distress/Financial Well-being: Do Length of Time Spent in a Debt Management Program and Changes in Debt Burden and Financial Stressor Events Make a Difference?: Prawitz, ONeill, Sorhaindo, Kim & Garman

College Students and Credit Card Debt: Means of Attainment and Spending Behavior: Robb

Across the Life-cycle: Comparative Analysis of the Financial Well-being of Single Women: Sharpe & Reynolds

Relationship between Entrepreneurship and Household Wealth: Does Full-time, Part-time Entrepreneurship Activity Matter?: Siman & Sharpe

How are Asset Holdings Different between Non-homeowners and Homeowners among Near-retirees?: Smith & Lee

Consumer Debt Types and Debt Payment Behavior: Sun & Xiao

Economic and Demographic Differences in Debt Delinquent Behavior: Sun & Xiao

Factorial and Discriminant Analyses of the Underlying Factors that Predict Customer Retention in the Debt Management Plan: Tang & Xiao

Cash Rewards Effect on Unplanned Buying Behaviors-Watch YourWallet Carefully!: Tsai, Yeh & Lou

An Analysis of Workforce Housing in Rural Georgia: Turner, Tinsley, Cude & Sweaney

Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Stock Ownership: A Decomposition Analysis: Wang & Hanna

Major Influencing Factors in Young Adolescents’ Privacy Concerns and Their Subsequent Behaviors in the Online Environment: Youn

Financial Wealth and the Role of Time Preferences: Zumwalt, Finke & Huston