Consumer Interests Annual - Volume 68, 2022

Edited by Isha Chawla, Graduate Research Assistant, University of Maryland

Association of Negative Home Equity With Military Households and Their Financial Behaviors - Eric Olsen, Cäzilia Loibl, Andrew Hanks

Cash in the Cookie Jar: Did Liquidity Help Families During the Great Recession? - Aman Sunder, Lance Palmer, Joseph Goetz

Determinants of Household Knowledge of Food Wasteful Behaviors - Jacinthe Cloutier

Did Pre-Pandemic Financial Behaviors Matter to Financial Well-Being? - Kristy Archuleta, Benjamin Hampton, Danah Jeong, Samantha Heflin

Efficacy in Measuring Financial Literacy - Melissa Wilmarth, Kyoung Tae Kim, Tae-Young Pak

Re-Examining the Factors Shaping the U.S. Individuals’ Trade Policy Views - Lin Shi

Exploring Measurement Issues in Assessing K-12 Financial Education - Melody Harvey

Financial Well-Being and the Role of CARES Act - Yu Zhang, Yingyi Liu, Jia Qi

Finding a New Alternative to Reduce Food Waste: An Experimental study on Food Consumers - Namhoon Kim, Yeon-A Hong

Homeownership: Should Advisors Ignore the Elephant in the Room? - Cindy Shnaider, Aman Sunder

How is Inflation Taught in the U.S.? Examining Financial Education Approaches - George Rooney, Cäzilia Loibl

Maintaining Financial Well-Being: Differences in Response to Acute Versus Chronic Scarcity - Pan-Ju Chen, Dee Warmath

Making a Case in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Inclusion in Consumer Financial Education - Jing Jian Xiao, Bryan Dewsbury, Mehri Azizi

Managing a Health Shock in Older Age: Housing Wealth, Mortgage Borrowing, and Medication Adherence - Stephanie Moulton, Alec Rhodes, Donald Haurin, Cäzilia Loibl

Medicare and the Use of Dietary Supplements in Older Adults - Yunhee Chang, Pouria Sefidmooye Azar, Amber Wade

Parental Support to Emerging Adults During COVID-19: A Help or a Hindrance? - Katherine Vasquez, Joyce Serido, Lijun Li, Rimantas Vosylis, Angela Sorgente, Žan Lep, Gabriela Fonseca, Carla Crespo, Ana Paula Relvas, Maja Zupančič, Margherita Lanz

Predictors of Holding Student Loans and Receiving Government Assistance - Yoon Lee, Heather Kelley

Remote Working during COVID-19 Pandemic: Influence of Gender and Stress on Consumers’ Shopping Motivations - Yuli Liang, Gwendolyn Hustvedt

Stimulus Use, Income, and Food Insecurity During COVID-19 - Selena Garrison, Martie Gillen

The Association of Student Loan Balance and Student-Borrower Financial Stress - Paige Kluska, Cäzilia Loibl, Catherine Montalto

The Impact of COVID-19 on Food Consumption Patterns: An Application of SOR Framework - Sun Young Ahn, Wookjae Heo

The Role of Consumer Financial Confidence on Financial Well-Being - Nilton Porto, Jing Jian Xiao

To What Extent Did Social Media Use Contribute to Financial Hardship One Year into the COVID-19 Pandemic? Examining The Role of Fear of Missing Out - Abbey Bartosiak, Cäzilia Loibl, Haotian Zhang, Stephen Roll