Consumer Interests Annual Volume 58, 2012


A Comparative Study on Consumers' Perception,Attitude and Utilization of Environment-Friendly Agricultural Products Certification Labels between China and Korea Xu, Lee, & Lee 2012-01


A Comparison of Three Measures of Risk Tolerance Blanco, Gutter, Ruiz-Menjivar, Spangler, & Wynn 2012-02


A Life Course Investigation of Economic Pressure in Emerging Adulthood Gudmunson & Zuiker 2012-03


A Practical Tool to Measure Financial Literacy Henager 2012-04


A Study on Consumers’ Perceptions and Emotional and Behavioral Attitudes Concerning the Usefulness of Information on All Cosmetic Ingredients Used Yeop, Eunhee,Park Sangmi, Kihyun 2012-05


Asset Allocation of Retirement Plans: An Analysis of OECD Panel Data Choi, Gudmunson, & Hong 2012-06


College Seniors’ Financial Capability: Knowledge, Experience, and Confidence in Managing Money and Credit Cude 2012-07


Coming to Consensus:  A Delphi Study to Identify the Personal Finance Core Concepts and Competencies for Undergraduate College Students Kabaci & Cude 2012-08


Comparative Analysis of Money Management as a Component of Financial Capability in Transitional Countries Kunovskaya & Cude 2012-09


Consumer Research in China with a Focus on Financial Consumers Meng 2012-10


Determinants of Online Problematic Behavior among Teen Users: Data from South Korea Kim & Kim 2012-11


Divorce Effect and Financial Wellness: Comparing Currently Married and Single Older Women Lee & Dunn 2012-12


Do You Know What You Owe?  Students’ Understanding of Their Financial Obligations Andruska, Hogarth, Fletcher, Forbes, & Wohlgemuth 2012-13


Does Greater Complexity Reduce Retirement Adequacy? Evidence from The Survey of Consumer Finances, 1995-2007 Kim, Chen, & Hanna 2012-14


Does the Visual Display of Probability Change Hypothetical Stock Selection? Griesdorn 2012-15


Effects of Financial Resources and Family Environment on Farmers’ Exit Decisions Chang & Cho 2012-16


Examining the Impact of Personality Traits on the Receipt of Financial Assistance Among Older Adults Gillen & Kim 2012-17


Factors Affecting School Walking Decisions in an Urban Environment: Implications for Public Policy and Public Health Royne, Levy, Ivey, & Roakes 2012-18


Financial Goal Clarity and Risk Tolerance: An Experimental Investigation Cai & Yang 2012-19


Financial Knowledge and Credit Behavior of College Students: Evidence from Panel Data Xiao, Ahn, Serido, & Shim 2012-20


Financial Literacy in the United States and Abroad: A Comparative Study Nicolini, Chatterjee, & Cude 2012-21


Financial Well-Being of Older Adults: Relationship with BMI, Overweight, and Obesity Ingersoll & Lee 2012-22


Financing Health Care for Children with Chronic Conditions Zan 2012-23


Health and Financial Well-Being of a National Sample of Low to Moderate Income Consumers Worthy, Cho, & DeVaney 2012-24


Healthcare Utilization and Out-of-Pocket Expenditures: Does Family Structure Matter? Bhargava & Nielsen2012-25


Hierarchical Structure of Saving Goals among U.S. Households Using 1998 to 2007 SCF Lee 2012-26


How the Culture of the Court Affects Consumer Bankruptcy Filings Berry & Wise 2012-27


Human Capital, Financial Knowledge, and Social Capital:  Differences among Savers and Non-Savers in Low to Moderate Income Households Mauldin & Bhargava 2012-28 


Impact of the Bush Tax Cut Extension on Small Family-Owned Businesses Haynes & Haynes 2012-29


Integrating Repayment Counseling for Troubled Student Loan Borrowers into Credit Counseling Sessions: Extended Abstract on the Findings of a Pilot Study Jacobson 2012-30


Investigating the Moderating Effect of Sociability on the Relationship between Risk Perception and Financial Asset Yeo 2012-31


Is Consumer Bankruptcy Strategic in Memphis? Wise & Berry 2012-32


Linking Environmental Concern to Sustainable Consumer Behaviors: Moving From Attitudes to Action Stafford, Oakley, & Levy 2012-33


Maternal Employment and Overweight Children in Korea: Seeking Explanations from Time-Use Data Chang 2012-34


Measurement of Assets in Retirement Plans: Comparing the SCF and the HRS Yang & DeVaney 2012-35

Mortgages and Home Equity Debt: Comparing Two Cohorts of Near-Retirees Lee & Ingersoll 2012-36


Older Women’s Employment Status Gillen & Heath 2012-37


Perceived Financial Independence of Young Adults in Transition Xiao, Chatterjee, & Kim 2012-38


Personal Financial Education Requirements for High School Students: Implications for Policy in Native American Communities Saboe-Wounded Head 2012-39


Personal Financial Wellness of Married Individuals: 2007 and 2011 Wilmarth, Nielsen, & Mauldin 2012-40


Previous Education Loan Borrowers’ Current Characteristics Hsu & Leech 2012-41


Rural Families Speak About Health and Wealth Varcoe, Dolan, & Lawrence 2012-42


Social Stratification and Symbolic Consumption Sun, Xiao, & Zhang 2012-43


The Effects of CARD Act Disclosures on Consumers’ Use of Credit Cards Jones, Loibl & Tennyson 2012-44


The Efficacy of Financial Counseling for College Students Britt, Fernatt, Nelson, Yook, Blue, Canale, Stutz, & Tibbetts 2012-45


The Impact of Financial Resources on Soldiers’ Psychological Well-Being Bell, Nelson, Spann, Molloy, Britt, & Goff 2012-46


The Influence of Locus of Control on Student Financial Behavior Britt, Cumbie, & Bell 2012-47


The Neuroscience of Charitable Estate Planning: An fMRI Study of Neural Correlates James & O’Boyle 2012-48


The Recovery Experiences of Child Identity Theft Victims: Preliminary Results Betz, Gudmunson, & Hong 2012-49


The Role of Market Returns in Retirement Decision-Making Yao & Park 2012-50


This From Our (Microdata) Files: Research and Instruction Using the Consumer Expenditure Survey, from Novice, Intermediate, and Expert Users Paulin, Luo, Passero, Lundy, Ransom, Midkiff, Abbot, & Markley 2012-51


Trade Policy and Consumer Welfare: A Case of China Zhou & Xiao  2012-52


Understanding the Impact of Health Reform on the States: Expansion of Coverage through Medicaid and Exchanges Richardson & Yilmazer 2012-53


Valuing the Costs of Family Caregiving: Time and Motion Survey Estimates White-Means & Dong 2012-54


Were Consumer Mistakes Related to Changes in Financial Obligations Burdens? Hanna, Yuh, Chatterjee 2012-55


Who is Short-Term Focused in Saving for Major Expenses? Anong & Fisher 2012-56


Who Uses Alternative Financial Services, and Why? Gross, Hogarth, Manohar, & Gallegos 2012-57