43rd Annual Conference of the American Council On Consumer Interests 

April 2-5, 1997. Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Consumer Interests Annual, Volume 43 

Irene E. Leech, Editor 

Invited Lecturers and Special Speakers 

Refereed Papers

Refereed Poster Session

Invited Papers 

Panel and Workshop Sessions 

Graduate Student Papers 

  • Characteristics of Consumers Who Seek Third Party Redress - Ronald H. Tipper 
  • An Investigation of Four Investor Risk Preference Rules-of-Thumb - John E. Grable
  • Factors Affecting Household Financial Expectations: A Multinomial Logit Analysis - Satomi Wakita
  • Adequate Emergency Fund Holdings and Family Type - Sandra Huston
  • Are the Floors Less "Sticky" at Home? Pay Equity in Home-Based Work - Patricia D. Olson 
  • How Do We Value Fat? The Case of Ground Beef - Michael S. Finke 

Ph.D. Dissertation Award Winning Paper 

  • Human Capital Enhancing-Expenditures: A Comparison of Female-Headed and Married-Couple Households - Yoon G. Jang