Consumer Interests Annual - Volume 67, 2021

Edited by Lu Fan, Assistant Professor, University of Missouri

A Household View of Making Purchases on Margin: Focusing on Investment Literacy Divergence and Advice Seeking Behavior - Kaplan Sanders, Olamide Olajide, Michael Guillemette

Online Algorithms and Consumer Decision-Making: A Case of Amazon Recommendations - Wookjae Heo, Jae Min Lee, Narang Park

COVID-19 Impact on Underrepresented College Students’ Financial Experiences - Joy Clady, Mary Taggart, Kate Mielitz

COVID-19 Job and Income Loss and Financial Distress: The Protective Role of Liquid Assets - Mathieu Despard, Stephen Roll

COVID-19 Pandemic, Stimulus Check and Financial Status of US households: An Urgent Agenda - Sunwoo Lee, Kyoung Tae Kim

Deleterious Consumer Socialization: The Negative Impacts of the School Environment on Children's Food Well-Being - Roberto Falcão, Rodolfo Rocha, Andres Veloso, Daniel Chaim

Disproportionate Early-Pandemic Impacts on Housing Hardship across Racial/Ethnic Groups - Yung Chun, Stephen Roll, Selina Miller, Hedwig Lee, Savannah Larimore, Michal Grinstein-Weiss

Exploring the Impact of Arkansas' Act 480 on the Financial Knowledge of College Students - Kathryn Carroll, Monica Lieblong, Rebekah Luong

A Financial Behavior and an Impact of Social Media Influencers on Japanese University Students - Keiko Takahashi, Saki Fujiwara

Financial Capability and Wellbeing in the US: A Decade Comparison (2009-2018) Based on National Financial Capability Study - Jing Jian Xiao, Kyoung Tae Kim

Financial Characteristics and Stress of Parents in Jail: Investigating the Relationship of Parent’s Incarceration and Family Financial Stress and Practices- Karen Holden, Yao Zhao, Pajarita Charles, Kerrie Fanning, Sarah Jensen, Margaret Kerr, Michael Massoglia, Julie Pohlmann-Tynan

Financial Hardship of American Households during the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Role of Precautionary Savings - Yingyi Liu, Swarn Chatterjee

Financial Strain, Non-Marital Relationship Satisfaction, and Psychological Well-Being of Emerging Adults: Evidence from a National Study - Swarn Chatterjee, Jinhee Kim, Sae Rom Chung

From Nothing to Something: Increasing Retirement Saving Among Non-Contributors - Elizabeth Perry

Household Knowledge of Food Wasteful Behaviors - Jacinthe Cloutier, Marie-Claude Roy

“I Don't Need a Dentist” - Oral Health Literacy in Germany - Christian Römhild, Robert Gaissmaier, Marlene Haupt

Inequalities in Payment Innovation Adoption - Daniel Horne, Patricia Norberg

Is it Old or New? Text Mining 90 Years of Scholarly Literature to Understand the Patterns in Student Loan Debt - Gaurav Sinha

Later Life Financial Well Being: A Virtual Professional Development Training for Professionals - Jesse Ketterman, Jesse Jurgenson, Isha Chawla, Jinhee Kim

Payday Loan Use Through the Lens of the Consumer Vulnerability Framework - Narang Park, Leslie Green

Relationships Among Emotion Regulation, Financial Self-Efficacy, and Financial Management Behaviors of Couples - Jinhee Kim, Mariana Falconier, Andrew Conway

Retirement Preparedness of Generation X Compared to Other Cohorts - Jia Qi, Swarn Chatterjee, Yingyi Liu

The Influence of Consumer Debt on Financial Distress Among Student Loan Holders - Emily Hales, Yoon Lee

The “Unbanked” and “Underbanked” in the US: Who Are They and How Are They Different? - Yoon Lee, Emily Hales

The Role of Financial Advisors in Shaping Investment Beliefs - Blain Pearson

The Impact of Conflicting Information on Consumers’ Attitudes Toward Medical Cannabis - Rodolfo Rocha, Christian Munaier, Iná Barreto, Andres Veloso

The Role of a Rational Decision-Making Style in the Translation of Wellness Information Search to Diet Decisions - Heejae (Hannah) Lee, Dee Warmath, Sheri Worthy

The Usefulness of Bronfenbrenner’s Bioecological Theory in Understanding Family Financial Abuse - Axton Betz-Hamilton, Kelsey Woodford

Using Self-Determination Theory to Investigate Financial Well-Being - Kate Mielitz, Morey MacDonald, Brandon Ratzlaff, Mindy Joseph, Shelitha Smodic

Vulnerable Consumers And Healthcare Experience: Patient Narratives - Sharon Schembri

What Do We Really Know About ‘Don’t Know’? Re-Assessing the Measurement of Financial Knowledge - Kyoung Tae Kim, Melissa Wilmarth, Tae-Young Pak