Consumer Interests Annual - Volume 61, 2015

Edited by Robert Nielsen, Associate Professor, University of Georgia


  • Karpatkin Consumer International Award Lecture: Reframing Perspectives for Consumer Work - McGregor

  • Esther Peterson Policy Forum - Praeger

  • Wiley-Improving Authors' Publishing Experience - McCarley

Oral Sessions

Invited Presenters

Symposium: Consumer Expenditure Survey Data

  • Health, Education, and Welfare: Works in Progress - Paulin

  • The Impacts of Household Characteristics on Private Pension Deduction Choi, Wilmarth, Kim

Symposium: Innovative Approaches to Creating Better Consumer Outcomes - Rhine, Hogarth, Melford, McDonnell, Reynolds

Concurrent C

Health and Healthcare Spending

  • The Effect of Unexpected Income Loss on Weight: Temporary Unemployment and BMI - Babiarz

  • Healthcare Spending, Financial Stability, and SNAP Participation - Kim, Chatterjee, Chang

Financial Literacy

  • Potential Effects of Consumer Financial Education on Financial Capability: Evidence from the 2012 National Financial Capability Study - Xiao, O'Neill


  • Designation and Fiduciary Standard Improve Investment Decisions - Guillemette, Jurgenson

  • Behavior Perspectives on Making Investment Mistakes - Lei, Yao

  • Did Greater Income Uncertainty Reduce Stock Ownership? Evidence from the 2007-2009 Survey of Consumer Finances Panel Dataset - Shin, Kim

Risk and Uncertainty

  • Assessing the Effect of Reference Dependent Income and Uncertainty on Households Saving - Lee

Women, Money and Retirement

  • The Relationship between Financial Satisfaction and Marital Status of U.S. Women - Fan, Babiarz

Financial Issues for At-risk Populations


Food and Food Security

College Students’ Financial Behavior

  • College Seniors' Credit Use: Data from Credit Reports - Reyna, Cude

  • Changing Temporal Discounting in College Students - Haynes, Tarabochia

  • Relationship of Objective and Subjective Knowledge with College Student Financial Behaviors - Robb, Stebbins, Zimmerman 
    NEFE Paper Award

Well-being of Households and Consumers


Financial Capability and Financial Literacy


Food: Security, Demand, and Consumption

  •  What Drives Dietary Consumption: The Incongruence in Perceived Weight and BMI of Korean Women Consumers - Lee, Suk, Hwang, Kim


Health and Health Insurance

  • Income and Employment Effects on Health Insurance Coverage Type - Aboagye, Babiarz

  • The Effects of Socio-economic Status and Health Behaviors on Health Related Quality of Life - Hwang, Lee

  • Who Utilizes the Internet for Medical-related Problems? A National Study from Taiwan - Yang, Lee, DeVaney*
    *Sharon DeVaney is this year’s ACCI Distinguished Fellow Awardee

Financial Matters: Adolescents and College Students


Consumer Expenditures and Consumer Behavior

  • The Effects of Consumer Socialization and Personal Traits on Impulsive Buying Behavior of College Students: A South Korean Example - Kim, Kim, Kim


Special Populations

  • Effect of Social Media on Spending Habits Among Millennials - Cho, DeCook

  • Propensity to Plan and Saving Decisions of Low Income Households - Min Lee, Kim

  • The Role of Government Subsidies on Debt Management in Low Income Households - Kim, Wilmarth


Risk and Uncertainty


Other Topics

  • Walking an Unclear Path: Challenges and Accomplishments Associated with Encouraging Undergraduate Research at a Teaching-intensive University - Betz-Hamilton, Nagarajan

  • Payday Loan Usage, State Law, and Financial Capability - Xiao, O’Neill