Journal of Consumer Affairs - ACCI Member Benefits

Electronic access to the all back issues and current issue:

  • You must be an ACCI member and logged in on the ACCI website first
  • A new menu item will be then be visible in the main menu - Member Center; under that will be the sub-menu item - Journal Access
  • Alternately, a new sub-menu item will now be visible under Journal in the main menu - Journal Wiley
  • There you will need to click the special link to take you to the Journal's website with full access rights (this link is only valid for 5 minutes at a time)

Waiver of $125 Journal Submission Fee:

Members in good standing may submit as many articles as desired during the valid membership year to the Journal free of charge. ACCI welcomes new Members and has worked hard to make membership easy.
  • Only one author needs to be a member, and that member may be a professional, retiree, student or lifetime member.
  • If none of the authors are currently a member, you may go here to join:
  • Then in ScholarOne, when you submit your article, there is a place where you will be asked for the name, email address, and phone number of the member-author.
  • If you need help with this, please contact [email protected] or call (727) 940-2658 x 2002. 
  • Current membership pricing is as follows and you can join and pay immediately with a credit card. 
    • Professional: $125 US
    • Retiree: $55 US
    • Student: $25 US

JCA is Digital, but do you want the current volume year in hard copy?

As of volume 54, year 2020, JCA has transitioned to an online-only publication. For those who wish to continue to receive the full volume year of four issues, you may purchase the entire volume at a deep discount and as issues are published, each will be mailed to you. Find the instructions and the discount code by logging into the the Members' Only section of the ACCI Website. Here you will find JCA Ordering Quick Reference and the discount code. Individual copies are not available at a discount.