CFP® Board's ACCI Financial Planning Paper Award

Established in 2000, this cash award is provided by the CFP® Board. The paper will be a well-written scholarly paper which focuses on important financial planning issues, broadly defined to include the various areas of personal financial planning and consumer issues related to financial planning, and presents information or ideas which are useful for consumers as well as for financial planning professionals, and policymakers.

Award Winners

  • 2022 - Managing a Health Shock in Older Age: Housing Wealth, Mortgage Borrowing, and Medication Adherence; Stephanie Moulton, The Ohio State University; Alec Rhodes, Washington University in St. Louis; Donald Haurin, The Ohio State University; Cäzilia Loibl, The Ohio State University
  • 2021 - COVID-19 Job and Income Loss and Financial Distress: The Protective Role of Liquid Assets; Mathieu Despard, University of North Carolina Greensboro; Stephen Roll, Washington University in St. Louis
  • 2020 - The Factors Related With the Decision to Self-direct Own Retirement Plan; HanNa Lim, The Ohio State University; Richard Stebbins, University of Alabama; Travis Sholin, Kansas State University
  • 2019 - Consumer Perceptions of Financial Occupational Titles and Implications for Advisory Title Regulation; Derek Tharp, University of Southern Maine
  • 2018 - Framing Longevity Income; Michael A. Guillemette, Texas Tech University; Jesse Jurgenson, Iowa State University; Deanna Sharpe, University of Missouri; Xianwu (Sean) Zhang, Texas Tech University
  • 2017 - Comprehensive Risk in Consumer Portfolios; David Allen Ammerman, The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine; Maurice, MacDonald, Kansas State University
  • 2016 - Exploring the Demand for Financial Advice: The Role of Financial Literacy; Jodi Letkiewicz, York University; Kyoung Tae Kim, The University of Alabama; Martin Seay and Stuart Heckman, Kansas State University
  • 2015 - Investor Sophistication, Risk Aversion and Target-Date Fund Investing; Michael Guillemette, University of Missouri; Terrance Martin and Philip Gibson, Texas Tech University
  • 2014 - Household Decision on Pension Annuitization: A Marital Bargaining Approach; HanNa Lim, The Ohio State University
  • 2013 - Determinants of Seeking Financial Advice Among Older Adults; Benjamin Cummings, St. Joseph's University; Russell James, III, Texas Tech University
  • 2009 - The Growth of Charitable Estate Planning Among Americans Nearing Retirement; Russell James, Mitzi Lauderdale and Cliff Robb
  • 2008 - The Impact of College Financial Aid Rules on Household Portfolio Choice; Tansel Yilmazer and Patryk Babiarz, Purdue University
  • 2007 - For Better or Worse: Financial Decision-Making Behavior of Married Couples; Angela Lyons, Urvi Neelakantan, Ana Fava and Erik Scherpf, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • 2005 - Balance Sheet Changes Among Pre-Retirement Cohorts During the 1990's: How Do Boomers Compare?; Michael Finke, Sandra Huston and Deanna Sharpe, University of Missouri-Columbia
  • 2004 - How Does Marriage Affect the Allocation of Assets in Women's Defined Contribution Plans? Angela C. Lyons, University of Illinois, and Tansel Yilmazer, Purdue University