Friend of Consumers Award

The Friend of Consumers Award was retired in 2010. The award honored ACCI non-members who played major roles in developing policy at the local, state, national or international level that promoted "the consumer interest." It reflected the significance which ACCI accords to the development of informed consumer policy, regardless of its context.

Award Winners

This award was retired in 2010.
    • 2009: Ray Boshara, New America Foundation
    • 2008: Clark Howard
    • 2007: Carol Tucker Foreman, Consumer Federation of America
    • 2006: Arthur Kennickell
    • 2005: Eliot Spitzer, State of New York
    • 2004: Ralph Nader, Consumer Advocate, Attorney, Author
    • 1999: Linda Golodner, National Consumers’ League
    • 1997: Hubert (Skip) H. Humphrey III, Attorney General, Minnesota
    • 1996: Helen Savage, AARP