Richard L. D. Morse Mid-Career Award

The Richard L. D. Morse Mid-Career Awardee has demonstrated excellent in research, education, and/or policy. The recipient will have provided service, defined as contributions that further consumer interests including service to ACCI as a professional organization, forging collaborations with other consumer interest organizations and groups, and supporting policymaking, as well as to the field of study. Additionally, the Mid-Career Award winner has 15 or fewer years of full-time professional employment in a field related to consumer interests. This award honors the legacy of Richard L. D. Morse, a prominent leader in the consumer movement and Kansas State University professor. Known as “Mr. Truth in Savings,” Dr. Morse established the Consumer Movement Archives (CMA) at Kansas State University Libraries. CMA is the premiere research collection documenting consumer advocacy in the United States. The award is generously funded by the Morse Consumer Movement Archives Endowment through the Kansas State University Foundation.

Awards Winners

    • 2023 - Yilan Xu, University of Illinois
    • 2020 - Robbin Henager, Whitworth School of Business
    • 2017 - Patryk Babiarz, University of Georgia
    • 2016 - Rui Yao, University of Missouri
    • 2015 - Swarn Chatterjee, University of Georgia
    • 2014 - Hyungsoo Kim, University of Kentucky
    • 2013 - Cliff Robb, Kansas State University
    • 2012 - Robert Nielson, University of Georgia
    • 2011 - John Grable, Kansas State University
    • 2010 - Tansel Yilmazer, University of Missouri
    • 2009 - Jinhee Kim, University of Maryland
    • 2008 - Michael Gutter, University of Florida
    • 2007 - Angela Lyons, University of Illinois
    • 2005 - Catherine Montalto, The Ohio State University
    • 2004 - Jonathan Fox, The Ohio State University
    • 2001 - Sharon DeVaney, Purdue University
    • 2000 - Rosemary Avery, Cornell University
    • 1999 - Thesia I. Garner, Bureau of Labor Statistics
    • 1998 - Deborah D. Godwin, University of Georgia
    • 1997 - Jane Kolodinsky, University of Vermont
    • 1996 - Cathleen D. Zick, University of Utah