Your ACCI Profile - Two Reasons to Double Check it Right Now 

Journal Volume 50, Issue 3 going to press next week: 

  • Do you wish to be "green?" please edit and check the box for "digital only"
  • If you still wish a hard copy mailed to you, please make sure your address is correct. 

Upgrading the ACCI Association Management System October 31:

  • Check your profile and if necessary, please update your contact information so that correct data is imported. 
  • Watch for the new Organizational Membership option coming with the upgrade. More information soon....

Call for Proposals - Due October 31, 2016 

October 31 will be the annual due date for ACCI from now on. Please do not anticipate that this will be extended. It is a firm due date. You must have your proposal started by midnight 10/31/16.


Online Submission or here is the full URL: http://proposalspace.com/calls/d/619 

Read more about the Conference HERE

Photo Courtesy of Albuquerque Convention & Visitors Bureau