ACCI Professional Development Workshop - Wednesday, May 20, 2015

This interactive workshop focuses on establishing your professional network and building meaningful relationships with mentors. We believe that one of the most important contributions of ACCI is the facilitation of “team building” among academics, researchers, practitioners, and government officials to better serve the interests of individual consumers and families. Based on this belief, we are offering a half-day workshop aimed at graduate students and newer professionals, but appropriate for all looking to engage with the ACCI community. Sometimes it is difficult to identify and break into “circles of influence” in an organization, this workshop is all about breaking down any real or perceived barriers. The intention is that each participant will leave the workshop more connected to the members of ACCI and ready to apply newly acquired networking skills and strategies. At the very least, a mentoring relationship will be established for each active participant in the workshop.

Tentative Schedule:

12:00 PM          Welcome (President of ACCI, Cliff Robb, Kansas State University)

12:10- 1:10       Panel Discussion: Presider (Gong-Soog Hong, Iowa State University)

  • Building the foundation of your network in graduate school (Cathy Montalto, The Ohio State University)
  • Successful job search and negotiation—who is there to help? (Gong-Soog Hong, Iowa State University)
  • Starting a career, making an adjustment and building the network of collaborators (Debby Haynes, Montana State University)
  • Balancing teaching, research, outreach and engagement/services in a team-based approach (Jonathan Fox, Iowa State University)

1:10-1:20       Break

1:20-3:20       Small group discussion: Facilitator (Michael Gutter, University of Florida)

  • Participants select three sessions, 25 min. each and 5 min. each group report
  • Establishing your research team and securing grants/contracts (Joyce Serido, University of Minnesota and Robert Scharff, The Ohio State University)
  • Working with graduate students in your network (Debby Haynes, Montana State University and Cathy Montalto, The Ohio State University)
  • Academic publishing, connecting with editors and seasoned authors (Liz Dolan, University of New Hampshire and Jing Xiao, University of Rhode Island)
  • Leadership development and taking leadership roles on teams (Margaret Fitzgerald, North Dakota State University and Michael Gutter, University of Florida)
  • Preparing your tenure and promotion review dossier, who is there to help? (Brenda Cude, University of Georgia and Gong-Soog Hong, Iowa State University)
  • Outreach and engagement, and how to connect with the “real world” (Jinhee Kim, University of Maryland and Barbara O’Neill, Rutgers University)
  • Making your research relevant to the “real world” (Jonathan Fox, Iowa State University and John Grable, University of Georgia)

3:20-3:30           Closing and invitation to networking event with all ACCI members on the beach! (ACCI President-elect, Joyce Serido, University of Minnesota)