ACCI Conference 2016 Follow-Up

June 8-10, Arlington VA, USA


Journal of Consumer Affairs ~ 50th Anniversary ~ Madison Hall, Library of Congress ~ June 9, 2016


What Attendees had to say:

  • Presenters strongly agreed that they had good discussions of their presentations 
  • "It was an honor for me to receive one of the student scholarships...and the food was excellent!
  • About the Journal of Consumer Affairs 50th Anniversary..."Classy, imbued with a sense of history - much appreciated!"

Follow up

Thanks to the Conference Committee

  • Robert Nielsen, PhD, Chair, University of Georgia
  • Karen Duncan, PhD, Board Liaison, University of Manitoba
  • Robin Henager-Greene, PhD, Whitworth University
  • Irene Leech, PhD, Virginia Tech
  • Robert Mayer, PhD, University of Utah
  • Sherrie Rhine, PhD, FDIC
  • Ann Woodyard, PhD, University of Georgia
  • And the many, many proposal reviewers