Awards Nomination & Application Information

ACCI has a robust awards program to recognize research, service, and education in the Consumers Interest. There are a variety of awards, each with their own history and nomination process. Some awards are invited lectureships and all are managed by ACCI Members who volunteer to serve on the Awards Committees. Not all are awarded every year. Members are most welcome to volunteer to serve on a committee. Contact the ACCI Office to volunteer. Calls for nominations are announced in the fall of each year and are due in December of that year.  

Student/Young Professional Conference Scholarships - Due December 5th

  • You must be an ACCI Member in good standing to apply.
  • Undergraduate students are not eligible for this award.
  • Awards announced on or about December 31st.
  • Download information on the Scholarship and Application Process here
  • Find the online application here: Student Conference 2022 Scholarship Application

Service and Dissertation Awards - Due December 5th

  • You must be an ACCI Member in good standing to make a nomination.
  • Download information on the Nomination Process here
  • Please read the instructions and collect contact information for the nominee. You will be writing a letter of nomination that you will upload.
  • Find the online nomination here: Service Award Nominations 2022
    • Distinguished Fellow Award
    • Richard L. D. Morse Mid-Career Award
    • Richard L. D. Morse Early-Career Award
    • Robert O. Herrmann Outstanding Dissertation Award
    • Stewart M. Lee Consumer Education Award

Named Lectureships

  • Members are encouraged to recommend names for consideration for each of these. Please send an email to the ACCI Office or directly to Executive Director, Holly Roseski:
    • Esther Peterson Consumer Policy Forum (Invited Lecture presented at Annual Conference)
    • Colston E. Warne Lectureship (Invited Lecture presented at Annual Conference)
    • Rhoda H. Karpatkin International Consumer Fellows Program (occasional Invited Lecture)

Honor A Mentor

  • You may initiate an award at any time during the year. Please download the nomination form. It will appear as a Word Document download. This form includes a draft of the nomination letter that will be provided on ACCI letterhead.

Sponsored Paper Awards

  • Nominees are selected from conference submissions
    • National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) Financial Education Award
    • Richard L. D. Morse Applied Consumer Economics Award (professional)
    • Consumer Movement Archives Applied Consumer Economics Award (student)
    • CFP® Board's ACCI Financial Planning Paper Award

Commissioned Paper

  • Scott Maynes Memorial Paper (currently being reclassified and updated)